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boldthinkerhashtagI want to support you in living your life boldly!

Forget about people pleasing and hiding in the shadows of your best self.

That’s under-living.

My coaching style and services create a safe space for you to explore, learn, grow, and get on with your bold life.

It’s that’s simple.

We spend so much time trying to be all things to other people – but really, we need to connect with ourselves and be all things to ourselves because this one precious life is not a dress rehearsal.

Have you asked yourself…

What’s holding you back from living boldly?


Limiting beliefs?

Grumblings about what will others think?

Creative thinking on a hiatus?

Wanting to follow your dreams, but feeling stuck?

If any of these questions ring true for you, then I’m the coach for you.

As a personal coach, educator, and lifestyle strategist, I am here to help you get clear on creating the life you want to live.

What do I mean by creating?

Good question.

I can support you in taking the steps you need to be you, be free, and be bold!

I’ll help you identify what is working. I’ll provide tips and tools to support you in de-cluttering your thinking.

I will create space for you to get things done – YOUR things – that will move you to your next step.

I am able to coach clients in the following settings:

  • one-on-one

  • small groups

  • workshops

  • retreats



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