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boldthinkerhashtagI want to support you in living your life boldly!

Forget about people pleasing and hiding in the shadows of your best self.

That’s under-living.

My coaching style and services create a safe space for you to explore, learn, grow, and get on with your bold life.

It’s that’s simple.

We spend so much time trying to be all things to other people – but really, we need to connect with ourselves and be all things to ourselves because this one precious life is not a dress rehearsal.

Have you asked yourself…

What’s holding you back from living boldly?


Limiting beliefs?

Grumblings about what will others think?

Creative thinking on a hiatus?

Wanting to follow your dreams, but feeling stuck?

If any of these questions ring true for you, then I’m the coach for you.

As a personal coach, educator, and lifestyle strategist, I am here to help you get clear on creating the life you want to live.

What do I mean by creating?

Good question.

I can support you in taking the steps you need to be you, be free, and be bold!

I’ll help you identify what is working. I’ll provide tips and tools to support you in de-cluttering your thinking. I will create space for you to get thing done – YOUR things – that will move you to your next step.

I am able to coach clients in the following settings:

  • one-on-one

  • small groups

  • workshops

  • retreats





Is your daily thought default faulty?

Have you checked the default setting of your mind lately?

Is your default setting for daily thoughts focused on…?

  • bold living
  • joy
  • fun
  • wellness
  • celebrations
  • calm
  • happiness
  • thriving
  • beauty
  • rest
  • connection
  • peace
  • kindness
  • mindfulness

I am hopeful that you checked-off 70% (or more) items on this list?

If not – your daily thought default may be faulty.

Here’s how to reset it:

1.  Set a timer for twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening.

2.  Each time the twice daily timer goes off – stop whatever you were doing.

3.  Ask yourself these three questions:
(a) How have I taken care of myself today?
(b) How have I listened to and utilized my intuition/gut feelings?
(c) What beauty/beautiful things I have seen or experienced today?

Why these questions?

The way we think about ourselves, our environment, and our day-to-day dealings is directly related to how we feel.

If we take time to think about what is satisfactory in our lives, we will have the energy to tackle challenging things.

If we think about how our body allowed us to hike or make it through a dance class, we will want to thank it with healthy foods.

If we are paying attention to what is working, instead of having a faulty lens of viewing things, we will have a stronger ability and desire to celebrate the big and small things.

Our self-talk will be more uplifting during unpleasant interactions.

Our reactions to negativity will be more nurturing and providing a wider scope for proactive problem solving.

What other ways do you monitor the tone and nature of your thoughts?

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12 delights in December

On a scale of 1-to-10, with 10 being the best, how would you rate your December so far?

This is the question I posed to my family as last week was winding down.

I wanted to check the pulse on how much BLISS they were adding to their day-to-day activities.

Our family average, when rating December, is 7!


  • The month is going faster than I want.
  • I can’t wait to get to the holiday break.
  • I love the festivities, but I’m glad we are not going to everything.
  • I’m glad we have not been going to tons of parties.
  • I want to make more stuff and do less homework.
  • It’s good that you force us to think about these things.
  • Are you going to write about us?

After some giggles, chiding, and reflection, we created a family list of twelve December delights.


Write down 12 self-care activities and do them

Commit to 12 days of  morning smoothies

Spend 12 days meditating

Ask 12 friends to list their top three favorite books and read one or two during December

Take a 12 minute break at 12:12pm each day of December

Send a list of your 12 favorite quotes to 12 loved ones

Sleep until 12pm and play hookey.

Add 12 additional minutes to your workout

Eat 12 cupcakes a day

Lose yourself on Pinterest and find 12 craft projects. Commit to doing at least one project.

List 12 dreams and work towards one

Donate 12 items to a local food bank

This list is practical, whimsical, goofy, and absurd – but we had a great time crafting it.


We are going to do our best to complete this list during December so we can get our December rating up to 9 or 10.

What types of items would appear on your December delights list?

Share your ideas on Facebook and Twitter.


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Peace & Bliss

Dear #boldthinker,

I hope December is a peaceful and blissful month for you.

There are many wonderful December holidays, traditions, and events that bring people together to celebrate. There is joy, fun, and great times to be shared.

Also with these celebrations come reflections, conflicts, over-analyzing, comparing, judging, and exhaustion.

I hope you have more bliss and peace instead of worry and unease.

Use these Peace & Bliss Task cards as reminders to slow down, savor, enjoy, relax, plan, and renew.


Share your thoughts and ideas on Facebook or Twitter.

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Fashion + Bold Inspiration

I’m a junkie for memes, witty banter, puns, and humorous language.
People often underestimate the immediate power of fun coupled with growth, inspiration, or dream creation.As you go through your week – lean on the power of fun.Breathe it in. Soak it up. Yield to it – and then get on with your bold living.

Here are some fun shirts, that I love, to get you going.

Positive self talk, affirming thoughts, vision boards, detailed end games, and intention setting can keep your awesome flowing. If you’re already doing any of these things – GREAT! If you started and stopped – get back to it. If you are not doing any of these – then today is an awesome day to start.

If you needed a reminder, then here it is: You are ready to kick ass, today, and every other day. Kicking ass can be subtle, bold, full force, baby steps, and just standing who you are. Remind yourself of your worth. Revisit your values. Tap into your persona; expectations. Honor your strengths and do not dial it back of anyone. Repeat.

Hold on before you get confused at the importance of this shirt’s message. When I think about “good girls” here, I’m thinking about women who have spent most of their lives trying diligently to fit into whatever mold gets them the most likes. They haven’t had a chance or they haven’t taken the time to dive deep into who they really are. They are holding to a norming system that keeps them small, bored, and under-living. Don’t that type of “good girl”!

Be the “bad girl” who challenges herself to create the life she wants. She is nervous about certain risks, but is willing to let her ego take a bruising so she can be bold. She is curious, passionate, thriving, reflective…and a host of other bold qualities. This “bad girl” is honest in who she is and refuses to settle – because she is going everywhere she wants to be.

We all know it – life is NOT a dress rehearsal. This is it, we are in life, we are doing life, and hopefully we are loving life. Loving your life includes embracing hurdles, learning from uncomfortable situations, connecting with the right and wrong people, and understanding you make the choice in LOVING your life.

Things happen – you may love or hate these things – but you get to react however you want – you control that part. Things that pop up that you cannot control – you can love the way you navigate them and how you keep your focus on love.

It may seem a bit cheesy – but who doesn’t love cheese? (Says this Wisconsin native.)

Hopefully you do this daily when you look in the mirror. See yourself from a compassionate lens. Think about how you want to feel as you go through your day – and work to create that. Love what’s working well, what’s inspiring you, and what lights you up. Be the person who is bold, happy, loving, and joyous (add other adjectives here as needed).

Post on Facebook to keep the conversation going.

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The life YOU want

Hello #boldthinkers!

If you saw my Facebook post, you know I’m still holding on to my Oprah-hangover.

That Oprah weekend put so much pep in my step that I had to sleep it off a bit.

I am bubbling over about all the bold things I have in store for the life I want – and for the lives my clients want.

We can do this and the time is now!

My top 5 takeaways, from the weekend, were:


Even when you are not in the best time and space in your life – there is still room for light to enter. Stop, breathe, and surrender to gratitude.

Get still so you can accurately hear the whispers that are reminding you about your dreams. The negative messages are pushy, noisy, and attention hungry. Having a daily practice of being still will help to mute the negative chatter.

Feed your heart fruits from your soul and spirit. When you have an open heart, you are able welcome awareness with open arms – and yes, this scares many of us. With an open heart, you are not overly fearful of the unknown – nervous, maybe – but not fearful. With an open heart, you will be able to view the world from the lens of possibility.

It is never too late to write a new story. The old story is a teacher. Thank it and move on. Move on with faith in yourself. Remember you are worthy of living the life you want and all you have to do is take it one day at a time.

Set your daily intentions so you can be a visionary in creating the life you want. Be clear in how you want to focus your energy. Set course to be who you are meant to be.

What one thing could you do today to help you move closer to (or continue) living the life you want?

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Loving today

Happy Thanksgiving!



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4 wishes for you


Welcome down time into your world.

Slow things down a bit. Sip some tea. Read an entire magazine. Sit on a park bench and take in a visual feast. Lie on your bed and rest, sleep, or snuggle. Take a break. Breathe.

Include yourself when making “Oh, I just want to do a little something nice for…” plans.

Go buy some new underwear that make you feel happy. Get your nails done. Dig out an old journal and continue where you left off – or get a new one. Take yourself to dinner. Invite yourself to the movies. Send yourself flowers.

Stray from your normal routine if it is boring you.

Take a break from people who are not fun. Use your sick and vacation days for some “playing hooky” time. Binge watch your favorite show, in your jammies, without shame. Stop spending. Make something (food, crafts, etc.). Drop the quest for perfection and just do your best. Take a break from complaining.

Hack your life.

Get more help in getting things done so you can have more free time. Leave your work at the office. Unplug and connect with more face-to-face time. Take a longer shower and savor it. Eat a meal without doing anything else – be present and enjoy how you’re nourishing your body. Take a three day break from worrying – and add more days if you are able.

What else do you wish for? I’d like to know.

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Are you listening?

To be whole, let yourself break.
To be straight, let yourself bend.
To be full, let yourself be empty.
To be new, let yourself wear out.
To have everything, give everything up.
Knowing others is a kind of knowledge;
knowing yourself is wisdom.
Conquering others requires strength;
conquering yourself is true power.
To realize that you have enough is true wealth.
Pushing ahead may succeed,
but staying put brings endurance.
Die without perishing, and find the eternal.
To know that you do not know is strength.
Not knowing that you do not know is a sickness.
The cure begins with the recognition of the sickness.
Knowing what is permanent: enlightenment.
Not knowing what is permanent: disaster.
Knowing what is permanent opens the mind.
Open mind, open heart.
Open heart, magnanimity.

— Tao Te Ching


After I read this poem, I … (use words or drawings)



Plan to take care of myself by:

The following adjectives describe my beliefs about self-care:

I embed self-care into my everyday life by:

I would like to add the following…to my daily self-care habits:

To support my self-care practices, I partner with the following healthcare professionals:

I believe living a bold and healthy life is essential, so I prepare for this by:

I will engage with the following people, in my daily circle, to support my self-care habits:

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11 upgrades for November

Happy November, Bold thinkers!

October was great fun and crazily busy for my family and me.

My mom visited with us, from Georgia, for three weeks. My husband had travel on the east coast for numerous days. Our daughter was deeply involved with her field hockey team. I taught and supported various lessons at my son’s elementary school. I co-chaired STEM week at the local high school (4 days + 30 speakers). I celebrated my 20th class reunion with friends from my undergraduate institution. My family and I went full on with our Ghostbusters theme for Halloween.

Let’s not forget…and this is important for me…I taught some workshops and coached amazing clients.

And people…this is just the SHORT list of activities that happened during October.For us, November is a calm month – even though the holiday season is on the horizon.

We spend a bit more time reading, writing, and crafting. It’s our natural rhythm for the seasonal shift and time change. Blame it on the weather, our moods, the timing of events at school, or our need to just slow things down a bit.

We yield to November’s nurturing pace and guiding force to just slow down.

Here are 11 ways for you to enjoy November and make small, but impactful, upgrades to your daily life:

  • Write down 11 things you love doing and make sure you do these 11 things during November.

  • When creating your grocery list, add one sinful treat for every five healthy items you plan to purchase.

  • Host a movie night and potluck with friends you’ve been meaning to call. Do not worry about the lead time. Just send out the text, email, evite, or call to get your core group together.

  • Set aside 11 minutes each day, during November, to meditate, journal, or just take a break.

  • Buy yourself a new set of crayons, markers, or colored pencils. Then purchase or create a set of coloring sheets (there are some great coloring books out there). When you are in a waiting room or hanging out at your kids’ activities, spend some time coloring instead checking things on your mobile device.

  • Before you go to bed, throw your pillow case and favorite snuggle blanket in the dryer for about 10 minutes. It will feel so delicious as you tuck yourself into bed.

  • Go to bed an hour earlier for four days in a row.

  • Take a social media break for 1-to-4 days.

  • Get rid of 11 things (or more) in your home you are no longer using.

  • Pick an 11 day period, in November, and do not make any unnecessary purchases.

  • Write 11 love letters or postcards to yourself. Talk with a trusted loved one and have him/her send the love letters/postcards to you during the month of December. Just think, receiving 11 love letters/postcards in the month of December – how fun!

What else would you add to this list?

Post on Facebook to keep the conversation going.

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Permission slips

Your mind will answer most questions if you learn to relax and wait for the answer.
– William S. Burroughs


If you are reluctant to put yourself first and practice some healthy selfishness, please keep the following things in mind:

When a self-defeating thought shows up – turn it around. Turn it into a positive thought. (e.g. I will never get all of these things done. / I do NOT need to get all of things done.)


Connecting with nature, daily, can upgrade your day. Try it!


Revisit your goals and get back on YOUR right track. You are your own boss and you can do it!


Think of all the generous things you do to support others. Use that same energy on yourself.


Ditch comparing yourself to others. This does not serve you.


Ask for help and support.


Recognize your superpowers – and utilize them.


Connect with people who will inspire and motivate you – to take better care of yourself – mentally, physically, spiritually, and creatively.

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