Identifying Your Holiday Stressors

With the holiday season really in full swing – some of us were knocked over the head and thrust into all the real and imposed merriment.

Because the ramp up to holiday mirth appears to be a natural progression on the calendar, many of us forget we have a choice in how we greet this time of year.

The mind and body react to stress in a variety of ways.

Over-commitment, conflict, becoming unaligned from your values are common causes of stress. This is true during the holiday season because we become so busy doing this and that.

Can you spot your holiday stress?

How do you know when you are feeling stressed?

What are the first things you notice when you experience holiday stress? What are the warning signs?

What symptoms show up when you experience stress, in general, on a long-term basis?


How do you usually handle holiday stress?

How effective are these coping tactics? Do they work for short-term or long-term stress relief?

Which of the coping techniques did you use in the past but are no longer using?

Change it up

Choose one of your stress causers:

How can this situation be changed, improved, or omitted?

You are the author of your own Holiday Season Story. This means you can create, manage, and maintain things that bring you joy, bliss, and delight.

Write a 100 word paragraph describing your perfect and ideal Holiday Season Story:

Based on what you just wrote – what small step can you take to maximize your  holiday season – with less stress?



Next week:

Throughout this month:

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