Connect with yourself

It’s April, already.

How can that be?

If you are thinking about your goals, vitality, or happy place – are you are also focusing on various ways to connect with yourself?

Many of my clients ask WHY this is so important – being connected with yourself.


My response is often this: in the hustle and bustle of what it means to be successful, thriving, and responsible (feel free to insert any of those “productivity words”) – many of us get lost.

We get lost in duty, busy-ness, making comparisons, and should dos.

We lose focus.

We stop focusing on what matters to us – individually.

We keep telling ourselves that we will focus on ourselves once XX is over.
We’ll have more time to get back to our dreams when XX passes.
We’ll slow down and get centered once we get over the XX.

Sound familiar?

If so, it is time to pause and align your values with your actions.

Select your top values that guide and lead you to make decisions about your life. I’m talking about values that are unshakable and speak to who you are in your best and worst moments.

  • If you think back to the month of March – or even reflect on 2013 – were your values guiding you throughout your interactions and decision making?

  • Did you feel you were in control of your choices?

  • Did you feel you could immediately take care of anything that was not working for you?

If the answers you provided to the questions above have you feeling off-center, bewildered, or surprised – do not get down on yourself.

Set aside some time – THIS WEEK – to set some priorities.

Use the following prompts to guide you:

  • Where am I now?

  • Where do I want to go?  Or what do I want to be different?

  • What do I have to work with?

  • What do I believe is getting in my way?

  • What have I learned along the way?

  • What have I accomplished?

  • What am I most proud of?

Next week – Set aside time to align (or re-align) your values with your actions.

It’s April and you’ve got 28 more days to focus on this priority – connecting with yourself.


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