Decluttering your online world


Ok, I’m willing to risk it – you deleting me…

Do you need to declutter your online world?

On my calendar this week, I have scheduled 60 minutes to declutter my online world.
I may have to schedule another time and day to complete the process, but a 60 minute start feels good and does not intimidate me.

Decluttering my online world gives me a chance to:

  • Streamline the various social media services I am using
  • Update passwords
  • Get rid of old files and messages I’ve been saving for no good reason
  • Release any friends or followers that have run their course (think Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram)
  • Recommit to daily unplugging time

I can’t eat the entire virtual elephant in one setting – and neither should you.

Here are 6 easy tasks to get you started in decluttering your online world:

Update list of accounts: I love spreadsheets and I keep a list for the various accounts I have created. I’m 90% sure I have all the accounts on this master list, so I’m good with that. I review this list for any accounts that I need to close or delete. Create a tracking system that will work for you.

Unsubscribe:  I do a search within my email inbox for the newsletters that I have not read in the past 3 months. Then I unsubscribe. Sometimes I’m no longer interested in the content, or I have to get real with myself and know I do not have time read everything.

Update phone apps:  I’m not always timely in updating the various apps on my mobile phone. I know – who does that? I use this time to update what needs to be updated and then take a moment to “ooh and ahh” at the new look or features on the app.

Delete apps on my phone:  I look through the apps I’m no longer using and that are just sitting there feeling neglected. Delete!

Update my Facebook “networks”:  For my personal Facebook page, I love that you can create network groups (that’s what I call them) and then assign (or reassign) friends to these groups. This helps me post information that addresses all my friends or only certain groups of friends based on the topic. We all know…everything is not for everybody.

Turnoff Facebook notifications for people, pages, or groups: 
Sometimes I have to go on break from frequent Facebook posters, but I still want to be connected. I adjust the notifications and then if I want to check in on the friend or page, I give myself the option to do this. It’s nice to have a bit of control over my newsfeed.

How do you keep your online world tidy? What decluttering do you plan to do this year?

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