You are sexier than you think

Do you want to hear a fun secret?

I have been running a virtual pilot program called The BOLD Living Diet. There are eight participants and it has been amazing. The entire program and all of the work has completely exceeded my expectations. It has been a bold, entertaining, tear filled, and empowering ride.


What is it?

The BOLD Living Diet is a daily regimen of BUILDING yourself up, OMITING negative things that keep you small, LEARNING to love yourself consistently, and DEVELOPING habits that allow you to live the life you want.

Each week, participates are given a theme word to guide them in looking at their daily world. They have guiding questions, bold tasks, and reflective prompts to complete each day. During our “boot camp” sessions, we discuss how the process is going, what caused resistance, what areas need further nurturing, and how to grow bolder each week.

What are the benefits?

By following the BOLD Living Diet, participants willingly pay attention to little whispers that push them to try something new. Their daily decisions become aligned with their core values. Participants stop putting themselves last. They dimension their impulse to overdo. Participants become clear about the non-negotiables in their life. They stop settling. Their internal voice becomes their daily cheerleader. They show up. They never apologize for doing things that make them happy on a daily basis.

Who is it for?

The BOLD Living Diet is for people want to create a life they can be proud of on a daily basis. People on the BOLD Living Diet pursue their long and short term goals while consistently pursuing their biggest dreams. People who crave a life full of happiness, passion, and real connections thrive on the BOLD Living Diet because they can write their own rules for a BOLD Life.

Last week, we discussed what it means to activate your daily SEXY. The discussion was all over the place.

  • My butt is sexy when the lights are turned off.
  • I think Angelina Jolie’s lips are sexy.
  • Beyoncé should change her name to sexy.
  • I feel sexy after a good waxing.
  • Red is a sexy color and I’m too intimidated to wear it.
  • I don’t care what anyone says, yoga pants are sexy!
  • I would be sexier if I lost ten pounds.
  • I wished I realized how sexy I was when I was in my 30s.
  • My husband says I’m sexy, but I think he’s crazy.

After all the initial sharing, I refocused the group on how to activate their daily SEXY. The four guiding principles are:

SEE your body as your friend and something to love on. See the best parts of yourself on a daily basis. Enjoy having daily opportunities to shine, grow, and take good care of yourself.

EXPRESS daily gratitude for what you are able to do, think, accomplish, and create. Establish a routine that gives you time to savor and continue to build this gratitude.

EXERCISE your commitment to fully caring for yourself. Actively listen to your life and focus on how you can accomplish what you want and need. Take note of the “No, you cannot do that!” messages and quiet them by writing them down so they are not nagging you or bumping around in your head. Get the proper help and support to shift the tone of the “can’t” messages.

YIELD to the power you have. Your power comes from believing you can create the life you want. You have a say. Take time to observe yourself in the mirror and repeat your daily mantra. Empower yourself by minimizing complaints. Yield to a bolder perspective that is kind, open, and sexy.

There are two more “boot camp” sessions left for the program and I cannot wait to learn and observe the next round of discoveries. There is nothing sexier than people getting excited about their lives, taking big steps, and fully seeing themselves.

What is SEXY about you? How do you nurture yourself so you can see the best parts of yourself on a daily basis?


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