The MAGIC of YOU + 2016


If we count today, there are 4 more days of 2015.

What are you thinking when you know 2016 is just about here?

Many people start coming up with ways to:

  • Be a new person
  • Adhere to strict resolutions
  • Forget the life they were living just 4 days prior
  • Completely start over
  • Hold themselves to more stringent guidelines since the goals they set for 2015 fell through
  • Not give up before 2016 can get underway

Has any of this crossed your mind recently or in the past?

With 2016 being a leap year – I’ve been talking to clients about leaping into being the REAL you vs. a NEW you.

2016 is your year to be on YOUR right track.

No more hiding.
No more waiting for the perfect conditions.
No more trying to go against who you truly are.
No more denying what makes you special and magical.



As you make plans, goals, resolutions, and promises, consider the following:

Make a commitment to listen to yourself daily
When you have nudges or your intuition sends a signal to you, pause and listen to it. Let this be the year you are in tune with yourself because you trust your inner voice.

Allow moments of tension and uncertainty
You do not have to have all the answers all the time. Be OK with this. Try not to run away from things that make you uncomfortable. Look at this as a learning tool which you can use as a guide.

Go with your natural rhythm
We are told to try and push to make things happen – no matter what. This can come in handy if we are hiding from something that is clearly for us. But typically, if we do not take time to learn how we actually tick and what our optimal way of going about things is – we will never have the right pace that keeps us motivated and thriving.

Interview yourself on a monthly basis
When you observe people you admire, what types of questions would you ask them if given the opportunity? Make a list of these questions and then use them to interview yourself each month of 2016. This will help you listen to your inner voice and align your life with your core values. As you become clearer and more focused after each monthly interview, the questions may shift or change – which is a good sign of your progress.

Cultivate your creative talents and skills
We all have a creative side, even if we haven’t utilized it in a while. Creativity is a gift and tool that can replenish us and support us during the easiest and most challenging times of our lives. Instead of using unhealthy options to help us cope, turning to creativity is a healthy way to expand our perspective and motivate us to stay the course.
What plans do you have for 2016? What will you do to support these plans? How will you create an environment to nurture the real you during 2016?

Share your thoughts and connect with me here.

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