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energy [noun] 1. the capacity for vigorous activity; available power 2. an adequate or abundant amount of such power 3. an exertion of such power 4. the habit of vigorous activity; vigor as a characteristic 5. the ability to act, lead others, effect, etc., forcefully  6. forcefulness of expression (dictionary.com)

On a scale of 1-to-5 (5 being the highest), how would you rate your daily energy levels?

I ask this because I hear clients talk about goals, motivation, passion projects, and building dreams – but, they have no energy to see it through.

They may be low on support, time, resources, or inner drive. They may be stuck in the fear trap. They may feel unworthy because they think they want or need too much.

Anytime this comes up, I suggest an energy check my be in order.

We need to constantly fuel and refuel ourselves in the middle of everything. We have to be conscious of our energy fillers and energy zappers.


(grab your tool here)

As you chart this week’s accomplishments, check your energy reserves. Select one or more ways to increase your energy levels to combat mental fatigue, external hurdles, and self-defeating ideas.

No sure how to do that?

Here are some energy filling suggestions:

Step up your healthy eating game. Don’t overhaul the entire way you eat. Make one healthier eating choice this week. After that new habit sticks – make another healthy eating change.


Write a weekly mantra. Day-to-day living is challenging. Create a weekly reminder that provided a pep talk during the best and most difficult times. My mantra for this past week was: “Your best efforts are perfect enough.”


Listen to something motivating. My minivan is often times my mobile office. I’ve created my coaching practice to support my life and the way I want to be as a mother. I’m very hands on which means I’m carting my kids all over. I enjoy listening to podcasts while I’m driving or waiting to pick my kids up or take them to different locations. Find a podcast series that pumps you up and gives you an energy boost. Right now, I’m enjoying Call Your Girlfriend.


Make something. I haven’t met too many craft materials I don’t like or love. (Glitter and I have a complicated relationship, though.) Making things, crafting, and coloring relaxes me, makes me feel peaceful, and subtracts any distractions that may zap too much energy. Making something doesn’t have to be complicated or messy. Here are some tools that can boost your creativity.


Do you have enough daily energy to get your important things done? How are you monitoring this? What upgrades can you make?

Share your thoughts and connect with me here.

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