M = Motivation #accomplishmentFriday


This topic has been swirling a lot for me this week.
I have a big event coming up on April 30 – and there are a lot of moving parts. I have to make sure I’m sticking to my timeline to get things done well and on time. This means I have to say no (right now) to lunches, extra naps, hooky days, and cleaning out closets when I don’t feel like doing my actual work.
I worked with three clients this week, and their sentiments about motivation were:

  • I’m not motivated to get started.
  • Motivation seems to be a stranger.
  • I get so excited and then my motivation goes on vacation.
  • When I’m most motivated, I feel like I can take on the world. That lasts for a good 10 minutes.
  • My biggest challenge is motivation. It’s my kryptonite.

 Motivation is a key component to accomplishing what we want, desire, and set out to do. When motivation plays hide-n-seek or catch me if you can with us – we often feel:

  • defeated
  • not as smart or lucky as others
  • exhausted
  • incapable
  • like we’ve failed

As you capture your accomplishments for this week, think about what motivational tools, tweaks, and messages work for you.

Here are three motivational tools I use for myself:

Break major tasks down into to smaller chunks.  I’m a go-getter and I’m full of energy. My to-do list can be my best friends and also my arch nemesis. I have learned to do a better job of breaking down a large task into more doable action items. I’m talking about writing down the smallest details so on certain days when my motivation is low – I can still keep moving forward. This process also reminds me pushing too hard depletes my motivation – so I try to avoid operating that way.

Create a list of coping tools to help you deal with rejections (or setbacks). I send out a lot of proposals and pitches. Sometimes I get a great “yes” and sometimes it’s a “no”. The “no” does not feel great.  I’ve created a list of motivational messages and things to do when the rejection shows up – which includes listing past accomplishments. This helps me stay in a good-to-positive space so I can move on and not wallow in defeat.

Create a bold entourage. I have a team of 7 people who are my motivational go-tos. My husband and my mom are members of this bold entourage. They are so clear and honest in how they see me and what they know about my passion to help and serve people. They will call me out when I’m playing too small and doing way too much. I have a business mentor, two friends who are life coaches, and two BFFs that keep me properly motivated when I’m feeling overwhelmed and overstretched. They are my super-duper support and help squad.

How do you keep your motivation going?
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