P is for Purpose #accomplishmentFriday

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If you had to give yourself a grade for this week, what would it be?

A = Awesome
B = Bringing my A game
C = Committing, like a boss, to my goals
D = Doing the best I can and being OK with that
F = Finally trusting my instincts

A big thing I had to unlearn from all my formal education and advanced degrees is – on the report card of life, there are no true letter grades.

There aren’t passing test scores for daily living or grades on a curve. There’s no extra credit to improve my grade for success or class rank to help determine how I will graduate to the next stage of my life.

But what I am graded on (and these grades are self-determined) is how:

  • I show up in my life
  • I align my personal values with my daily actions
  • I see my worth and openly share this with others (or kindly remind them if they seem to forget)
  • I dig deep and trust myself to do the hard things even when giving up seems easier
  • I step back, take breaks, get guidance, and readjust when I’m overwhelmed
  • I use past mistakes as great teachers so I can do better and get bolder

Unlearning the concept of getting good grades is tricky because we often see awards, promotions, gifts, and positive feedback being equal to good grades on a report cards.

In our adult world, we are the evaluators of our personal best. We assign value to what personal success means. We get the final say and we are the ultimate judge as to whether things are good, bad, or need to be re-tooled. We are the registrar for our transcript of life – because in the end, it us up to us to live our life’s purpose.

If you had to give yourself a grade for this week, what would it be?

As you capture your accomplishments this week, take a moment to think about your purpose.


Use the questions below to guide you.

  • When I think about what matters most to me, do I link this with my daily intentions? Why or why not?
  • Are my daily “to do” items linked with my creativity and do they support my daily joy?
  • When I hit roadblocks or obstacles, do I revisit my purpose or do I engage in negative self-talk? Why?
  • When fear of failure whispers, “You can’t…” to me, do I trust myself and my purpose to help me take necessary steps to move out of my comfort zone? Why or Why not?

What types of grades have you created for your personalized grading scale? What adjustments or edits do you need to make?

Share them with me here.


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