Motherhood + Shopping + Mantras = Boldness

Happy Friday Boldthinkers!

I’m just returned from my son’s school where I helped (along with other parents) make cornhusk dolls with four classes of third graders. Let me just tell you, this craftaholic and Bold Mama needs a nap!

Speaking of Bold Mamas – I had the opportunity and pleasure to put on another Bold Ladies’ Night Out. This one went all day long. We had shopping specials, treats, coffee in the morning, wine in the evening, and I talked about Bold Mom Mantras.


As Mother’s Day is upon us this weekend, I spent yesterday talking about what it means to be a Bold Mama and to sit at an inclusive table of motherhood.

Being true to yourself and the parent you want to be is definitely a page from the Bold Motherhood Handbook. There are so many parenting experts and point-of-views on mothering, and that’s great. What’s not great is when mothers think they are lacking and failing because they don’t measure up to expectations that stifle and suffocate them. Bold moms know they have a choice in how they want to be mothers.

Owning your strengths and what it means to be an awesome mom is a mantra bold moms think about often. Because they know their strengths and natural talents, they are happy to welcome other moms to their motherhood table without comparing themselves or unnecessarily competing.

Learning from your family and children about who you are and how your loved ones see you is definitely something bold moms use as a tool to build themselves up. They know they handle certain situations like a pro and other times they have to learn from a misstep.  Bold moms are reflective and stay open to learning and growing – which means they don’t hold themselves hostage by thinking they have to have it all together at all times.

Doing it “your own way” is often the top mantra for bold moms. They trust their instincts and listen to their inner voice. They try to keep their energy focused on doing their personal best instead of being obsessed with doing things perfectly. They surround themselves with other bold moms who are nurturing and appreciate the power of being a mother who parents “her own way”.


As you celebrate the mothers in your life (possibly including yourself) and capture your accomplishments for this week, remember bold motherhood is loving, inclusive, and unconditional.


Use these Bold Mom Mantras below to inspire you.

I know there is no motherhood report card and I won’t be hard on myself trying to earn an arbitrary grade. #boldmommantras

I will extend the same amount of love and kindness to myself – as I extend to my loved ones. #boldmommantras

Putting myself in the front row of my life makes me a better mom. #boldmommantras

When I take good care of myself, I am setting a great example for my children. #boldmommantras

I will be OK with doing my best – based on what my best is for me. #boldmommantras

What does Bold Motherhood mean to you? What are your Bold Mom Mantras? I’d love to read them.



Special thanks to Gitane – Los Altos.

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