Bold plans – and no follow through

Save Save SaveHey Boldthinkers,

Do you know what time of the year it is?

It’s transformation season.

January:  Vision setting / Reflection

February:  Starting line

March – May:  Discovery and Data Collection

June:  Celebrate accomplishments / Update goals

July – November:  Transformation season

December:  Celebrate

During this time of year, I start fine-tuning my business plans for quarters 1 and 2 of the upcoming year. Some people plan farther out, but I’m doing my own bold thing – and it feels good.

When I’m working with my clients  – I always encourage them to go back to their vision board during the transformation season because that’s a great data point. Looking at your calendar and your journal also helps provide important information. (And of course for some people and many biz owners, checking your financial accounts is key!)

I had a discovery as I went through my journal and calendar – and I didn’t like it that much.

I found that I had a lot of things (I mean like 6) I had outlined in detailed and mapped onto a launch template.

But you know what?

I never did them.

I planned them – and let them sit. I stopped when it got a tiny bit or overwhelmingly hard. I quit on myself – and my potential clients and workshop participants. I didn’t take my bold route.

Do you know what I did when I realized this?

I pouted for 10 minutes. I set the timer for 10 minutes on my phone and pouted.

After that – I got help.

I spoke with my biz mentor, some good friends, and visited the websites of some thought-leaders I follow.

I asked for tips and resources on how to keep my energy steady when I’m in launch mode. I asked for examples of scaling aspects of my work to have more mental space, time, and energy. I sought out uplifting resources that told the stories of others who are creative, ambitious, and have large and small setbacks – and then they use all of that to move themselves forward to help others. I asked for some fun resources that may help me not be overly serious or down on myself – because funny things always help with this.

Then – I went on a break.



I unplugged, flew to New York with my family, used the long flight time to enjoy and learn from my resources – and then embraced transformation season with a different lens.

Learning, growing, creating, and producing take time, stamina, vision, and support.



Transformation season is perfect for all of this because it’s the time to yield to temporary chaos, reflect, let go, recognize growth opportunities, rebuild, and refuel.

Here are the resources I’m using for guidance while I navigate my transformation season.

Sprinkle Glitter On My Grave – Observations, Rants, and Other Uplifting Thoughts About Life [Jill Kargman]

59 Seconds – Think a Little, Change a Lot [Richard Wiseman]

Quotes to Inspire Women in Business – Work-Life Balance | Inspiration for Achieving Work-Life Balance and Harmony

It‘s Never Too Early to Get Kids Invested in Their Own Personal Growth

Women entrepreneurs have found a creative way to stand out from the crowd

How do you respond to transformation season? How do you best take care of and support yourself? What resources would you add to this list? Connect with me here.



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