Halloween + New Moon + There’s Still Time

Happy Halloween!

My family and our great group of friends really get into Halloween because it’s a great celebration for all ages and we like to flex our creativity muscles when we create our costumes, food, and beverages.

We go all in!

Another reason we’re so excited about Halloween this year is because it falls on a new moon.

I’ve been reading about the moon with my youngest and we are fascinated with the lunar phases and its effects on bodies of water (especially after living in a landlocked state for 10 years).

I’m also looking at the new moon as a catalyst to start some new projects and upgrade some self-care practices.


Last week during the Bold Ladies Night Out (Sip + Swap), I had a chance to talk to a fabulous group of women about Shocktober and the looming holiday season.



For many people, the end of October can cause shockwaves and cause people to think or feel:

  • Uh oh, there are only 2 more months of the calendar year left. What have I done this year?
  • *Gasp* I still have way too many goals on my list and not one was accomplished. I’m a loser again this year.
  • Shoot, it’s time for my schedule to become overly busy.
  • Ugh, now it’s time for me to work tirelessly and create holiday magic for everyone else, while no one creates it for me.
  • Welp, there goes another calendar year and I haven’t reach my goal weight. Bring on the holiday decadence.
  • Dang, I really thought this year was the YEAR to have all of my shit together.

Has any of this crossed your mind this year or in previous years?

During the event, we talked about these very real and sometimes valid sentiments.

I described 6 habits boldthinkers use to keep themselves positively focused on doing their best, keeping their outlook healthy, and creating a plan that will support their daily boldness.

You can see the video here.

With the arrival of the new moon, use this time to:

  • Set an intention for the months of November and December
  • Make a list of all the new things you’d like to invite into your life
  • Select the top 9 things you’d like to begin working on before the end of the calendar year (working on – which means give yourself some flexibility)
  • List 5-to-10 people and resources that can help you get started – or continue from where you currently are
  • Use your journal, in partnership with your imagination, to capture your thoughts or daydreams about how things will look and feel as you work on your “top 9” list

How do you feel about October coming to an end? At this point in this year, what grade would you give yourself (A – C)? Why? What upgrades do you want to make before 2017 arrives?


Need additional help or support?

I have some great tools to help you manage your time and support your bold mindset. You won’t be disappointed!

Resource list:

Intentions Worksheet

Morning Warm Up Call (2nd Tuesday of the Month)

Morning Warm Up Call (4th Tuesday of the Month)

Creativity Summit: Mindfulness Toolkit

Business Learning Lab for Creative Womenpreneurs




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