Gratitude + Refuel + Creativity

How did your week go?

How are you feeling today?

What things sucked?

What things brought you joy?

This morning I woke up a little more tired than usual.

These were the questions I answered when I wrote in my journal.

I had a busy week.

It was a good one and a really tough one – and I know I need to spend most of today recovering from that.

What happened this week?

I had 3 extra coaching sessions with clients this week because people are trying to make sense of our world right now. Things seem off, backwards, outdated, and scary. People are rethinking relationships, waking up to a brand new reality,  digging in their heels to stick with their beliefs, trying to figure out ways to do more and do better – even while being stuck in a fog, and grieving.

I ran two amazing events for women. One event was a BOLD Ladies Night Out and we worked on bullet journals. The conversations and creative tasks centered around:

  • Joy
  • Exploring
  • Focused productivity
  • Playfulness
  • Connections



The other event was my first Business Learning Lab for Creative Womenpreneurs. Our work session and discussion centered around:

  • Believing you have what it takes
  • Keeping your work authentic
  • Navigating the unknown middle as you plan for the future
  • Owning the hard parts and using that as a lesson
  • Weening yourself off the notion of perfection

I feel very proud of myself and the women who joined me because we often think we are too busy to invest in ourselves. We get afraid to create or try something new because being uncertain or uncomfortable are feelings we do our best to avoid. We think everyone else around us got the “how to do it right” memo while the rest of us are aimlessly trying to keep it all together. We think the shiny and happy times have to be put off until it’s the weekend for vacation time.




In addition to the coaching sessions and events, I led a creative effort at my son’s school. We had our first ever Pop Up Art Gallery. The theme was – Unity in Our Community. The students were invited to create posters that highlighted and showcased what it meant for them to bring unity in our community.

To say the gallery and student art work were magical is an understatement.

It was beyond amazing to see the children looking at their peers’ work – and enthusiastically discussing it with each other. Parents who were friends and new to each other engaged in creative discussions. Families seemed a bit more relaxed, comforted, and connected while they enjoyed the pop up art gallery.

You could feel a buzz that was amazing and needed.

So yes, today – I refuel.

As you go into this next week, let gratitude be your guide. Spend time connecting with yourself in a way that leaves you hopeful. Connect with loved ones in a way that’s focused on compassion and understanding. Connect with others in your world and community in a way that reminds us we are not so different from each other – which is why we need more kindness and less divisiveness.

Use these 6 principles to help:

T – Think about what you are learning in the moment when you are interacting with others – or have a self-talk moment with yourself.

H – Have patience to let the words or sentiment settle before you react or respond.

A – Ask yourself how important it really is to react or respond. Often times being an active listener is plenty.

N – Notice your triggers and have a plan in place to keep you on the thankful path.

K – Kindness always wins even when you feel pushed to think otherwise.

S – Stick to your core values when making decisions and interacting because living the bold life requires a clear connection your best self.




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