Expectations + Tuning In + Resetting

Welcome to your Monday.

What is on your schedule for today? How would you categorize each item? Are there items or appointments that are supportive to what you need, want, and desire right now?

My great friend, Kayce Stevens Hughlett wrote a wonderful “day book” some years back. Since October, I’ve been using the messages and questions, from her book, as part of my morning warm up routine.

The pondering for today focused on our internal tuning forks.

Do we pay attention to the frequency? Do we use this frequency to guide our daily expectations? Are we open and available to receiving internal messages – messages for our consciousness?

The holiday season is here and people are focused on travel itineraries, tidy homes, creative meals, not packing on extra pounds, potential family drama, conflict management, and many other things.

Some of us are forced or choose to grin and bear it, we kick ourselves off our list of priorities, we push frustration deep into our bodies, we choke down grief, we suffer through nonsense, we self-medicate with unhealthy options, and we go against the bold grain of living.



Our boundaries are breached. Adulting becomes a chore. Resentment may grow. And then we come to realize there is way too much to juggle – and we fold.

And when we fold – we disappoint ourselves. We don’t meet our own expectations and we wonder how we found ourselves here (again).

This is where going back to (or rediscovering) our internal tuning forks becomes important.

Taking a break, recalibrating, and making adjustments to help us become reconnected to our consciousness is the perfect balm to being overtasked.

As I welcome this Monday, I lit a candle and listened in. I went through the prompts provided in As I Lay Pondering.

This is what I wrote in my journal.

Tuning in:

  • Set an intention
  • Keep resting so I can refuel
  • Limit stimuli
  • Carve out time to enjoy the ease of nature

Expectations for myself:

  • Keep writing my creativity book even though it seems too hard
  • Leave all my overthinking on the dance floor when I go to Zumba
  • Go slowly
  • Schedule a nap and actually take that nap


  • Focus on creative projects (bullet journal & Thanksgiving crafting table)
  • Spend more time playing with my family
  • Read for fun


Have you been listening to your internal tuning fork? What adjustments do you want to make? How does this fit into your expectations for yourself?


Join us for 12 Days of Creativity on December 5 – 16. It’s a great way to honor your commitments to yourself, focus on gratitude, manage stress, nurture your creativity, and have fun.




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