Banish busy: 8 bold tips for Monday


Hey Boldthinkers!


What are your top 3 priorities for this week?


Go ahead and list them.


Now, where’s your position within these priorities?


How do you rate on your own list? Are you first, last, or non-existent?


For many of us, Monday is our full throttle day. We want to start the week with a bang and have a strong start to being productive, on top of things, and making it all count.


This is not a bad thing, but it can become bad when we try to do too much.


Doing too much and being busy has such a prized appeal to many people.


Being busy is often confused with importance, adulthood, managing things like a boss, and being indispensable.


But in Bold-land where people are connected to doing their best but not at the expense of themselves – being over-scheduled and way too busy means:

  • not honoring self-love habits
  • allowing others to control our time
  • getting caught up in “well, that’s how it’s always been done”
  • being exhausted before we even get started


Raise your hand if this has been ever been you?


This Monday, let’s not take this route.


Instead, let’s:

Take it slowly. Try not to go back to your schedule on full throttle. You will exhaust yourself too early and stress might set it.


Lower your hurdles.  Prioritize what you really need to get done  then spread out other tasks as needed.


Organize yourself. Try not to leave morning prep only to the morning. Give yourself some extra organizational time the night before.


Incorporate some yoga.  Stick with your regular exercise routine and add some yoga to your day. There are easy stretches you can do at your desk or in your home. These stretches will give you more energy so you can stay relaxed and focus on completing your tasks.


Breathe through it. Things may flow smoothly or be a bit off kilter when you try to find your groove, but don’t stress about it. Remember to breathe so that you can keep stress at the proper levels.


Do vacation stuff. If there is an activity that you enjoyed while you were on vacation, try to keep that going even when you’re back to your regular routine.


Unplug. Let the gadgets go when you get home. Give your eyes and brain some downtime. Do not try to multitask.


Have fun.

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