You can be free. Do you know how?

Happy Friday Boldthinkers!

This week has been off the rails for me.

The previous weekend started with my son getting sick and the illness lingered all week. He was home from school for almost three day recovering.

It’s hard when your little one (or any loved one for that matter) is suffering and you can’t do much but provide popsicles, snuggle with them, and feed them delicious soup.

With me providing my son with extra care – that meant I wasn’t free to do things I had planned for the week.

I had to alter my work schedule.

Meetings were postponed.

Writing projects were put on pause.

Two Zumba classes were missed.

Calls with collaborative partners had to wait.

A sip + shop event wasn’t attended.

I was OK with all of this.  I felt free from the pressure and guilt of worrying about my week having to undergo these major changes and adjustments.

Before I started my business and I was working in a traditional job, a week like this would have been stressful, draining, and I would have been in a full blown tizzy. I would have worried about being behind, shifting my schedule, postponing things, and not making initial deadlines. I would have felt bad about myself, my abilities, my resilience, and my time management. I would have been over-stretched, cranky, and felt completely inadequate.

My priorities would have been off.

My son would have gotten what he needed, my work would have gotten done, and I would have come in last on my priority list.

In those moments, I wasn’t free and I wasn’t living boldly.

Have you gone through something similar? Have you experienced this unnecessary way of thinking?

As we continue to manage our lives, take care of ourselves, and care for those near and dearest to us – it’s important to understand how changing plans, adjusting goals, slowing down, and reassessing things is a clear path to being free.

As you finish up this Friday, go into your weekend, and enter the upcoming week, think about what it means and what it feels like to live free, think free, and be free.

Use these 4 principles from Things to Remember About Being Free to guide and support you.

F: Focus on what you can do.

R: Reduce internal pressures to handle it all.

E: Extend self-compassion to yourself in challenging or stressful situations

E: Energize yourself with self-love habits and by tapping into your creativity.

Do you feel free today? If not, what’s going on? How can you use the 4 free principles to shift this?

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