How do you get what you want?

As we get closer to the end of December, how are the goals and plans you set at the start of 2016 going?

Are you moving ahead, checking things off, and seeing the great results?

Or, are you feeling stuck, unmotivated, and wondering why you’ve let so much time go by without getting things done?

I was talking with a client and she said, “You know, Kanesha, here we are ending the year and I feel good about the plans I’ve created, but I’m mad with myself because I’ve been low on execution. I’ve been thinking so much about the result and I’ve been afraid to get in the game – my own game.”

This can be a common scenario for many of us when we have big and small plans to move ahead and get things done.

We create beautiful lists, we make wonderful charts to track our progress, and we tell ourselves the time is now!

And then – bam – reality!

Things come up. We get distracted. We lose focus. We let time creeps take up residence. We forget to encourage ourselves. We stop trying. We give up.

The thing I said to my client was,
“Remember, we focus on what we want to grow. Changing courses does not mean the other things you’ve worked on or experienced were a waste of time. They may not be the best use of your time – but they still matter and they still provide useful life data.”

The top things I encouraged her to do were:

Figure out which obligations were choices and which ones could be omitted. The art of subtraction allows you to focus on the necessary and say no to distractions.

Adjust daily priorities. This is a habit that constantly needs to be practiced because many times urgent things show up and push our priorities into timeout.

Add at least two more self-love activities to your weekly schedule. When you feel well loved, you are more motivated to get things done and stay the course.

If you are feeling stuck and have veered off your goal course, use these tools to help get you back on your right track.

Many times a small tweak is all it takes.

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Self-Love BINGO

Recovering From A Setback
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