Magic or Mania



How’s it going Boldthinkers?

Are you feeling the magic of the season?

I’ve seen a lot of funny and very much true memes floating around about December, tired women, over-stretched moms, and how the magic of the season is pretty much driving people crazy.

All the planning, buying, prepping, shipping, arranging, cleaning, coordinating…and on and on that goes into making the holiday season magical is the things that kills the magic for many women.

They feel pressure to manage it all, have it all go smoothly, and appear happy while internally pulling their hair out.

That’s not magic, ladies.


That’s manic madness.

For me, personally, the holiday season showed up before I really felt it should – and I didn’t panic.

I adjusted.

I adjusted my expectations, my plans, my energy, and my self-love habits.

The tree went up later than usual.

I declined some party invitations to keep my schedule manageable.

I just finished holiday shopping – yesterday.

I asked my husband to take care of the holiday cards (even with a typo on the card – I just let it all go).

I got my kids more involved in helping with traditions.

I kept my tradition of baking, because I love it, but I made fewer tasty treats.

I scheduled more “downtime togetherness”…pedicure with a friend, spa day with my husband, crafting via FaceTime with a long-time friend, and decorating gingerbread houses with my two friends and their kids (we bought the houses assembled – the day of our get together – after we called a few places ).


And right now…?

My son woke me up about an hour earlier than I wanted to get out of bed. Laundry is looming. My kids have constructed a massive fort that is making our living room look like a shanty town. We will be having leftovers for dinner, tonight. I still need to grocery shop for the holiday meal. I’m letting my kids decide the menu – so it will be all over the place and I welcome that.

And it all feels so real, calm, and magical.

Are you feeling the magic of the season? Are you taking good care of yourself – so you can enjoy this time of year? What tweaks would you like to make? How can you start today?
Let me know how your bold plans are going. Connect with me here.


Yours in bold boldness,
Kanesha xo


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