Goal Mapping + 13 BOLD Steps for 2017


We are about 4 days away from the New Year.

No pressure, right?

Yes, right!

As I’ve been working with individual clients, workshop participants, and business collaborators – these are the top sentiments they’ve expressed in regards to the arrival of the New Year:

  • 2016 got away from me.
  • My days, weeks, and months are passing by so quickly. 2017? I’m not ready!
  • 2016 was really a bust! Too much loss and too much pain.
  • I got stuck in November and never recovered. I don’t see how 2017 can restore my faith in humanity.
  • I don’t know what to do next. I’m still trying to get going on my goals from THIS year.
  • UGH! My resolution list got buried, again. I never have it together for any entire year.
  • Well…I didn’t accomplish much. I feel like this every December.
  • I see everyone else killing it while I’m still trying to figure out what my goals are. Why does this happen each year?
  • 2016 was a complete blur.
  • I need a better goal mapping plan. I can’t keep up with the pace of things.
  • I’m getting into bed, pulling the covers up, and resurfacing in 2017.

Many of us think the end of a calendar year is the time to have things wrapped up in a nice tidy package.

For a lot of us, there is a mental switch that symbolically shuts the door to the current year (and deadbolt locks it) – while opening a fresh new door for the New Year.

There is an urgency and frenzied energy about being in control at the end of the year so that the New Year is perfect, shiny, new, and more fulfilling than the previous year.

And with all the worry, fear, crankiness, or dread of a New Year arriving – I tell folks to not sweat it.

That’s right; don’t sweat it!

The New Year is not the time to berate yourself and focus on what did NOT happen.

The New Year is the perfect time to reflect, set some intentions, establish better fitting goals, and celebrate the opportunity to renew.

Writing resolutions is great if that’s your thing – but I encourage people to focus on the areas where you are already excelling, growing, and thriving.

From that space – you’ll be able to look forward with a positive outlook so you can tackle any areas that may need some tweaking, reshaping, and buffing.

To help you welcome 2017 and leap into this New Year with a confident, open, and bold lens, use these 13 questions/prompts to support you.

When I think about 2016, these 6 words come to mind:

My theme word, mantra, or slogan for 2016 is/was:

When I was my best self, in 2016, I was {doing}:

When I was _________________ {list specific item/activity}, I was having the most fun.

I followed my intuition and was rewarded with/by:

When I let other people dictate my actions, I learned:

When this unexpected change/obstacle [____________________] showed up in 2016, I was

able to (a) learn, (b) grow, (c) rebuild. and (d) ________________________ because:

I felt like I won the lottery when {list what happened}:

In 2016, I accomplished the following goal(s):

I want to carry this/these unfinished/pending goal(s) into the 2017 because:

If I make this one change [______________________] in 2017, I will be able to make myself (a)

healthier, (b) mindful, (c) joyful, and (d) __________________.

My theme word, mantra, or slogan for 2016 is/was:

The following 17 items are on my “not-to-do” list for 2017 because:


How do you feel about 2017’s arrival? What BOLD plans are you making? How can I support you?

Let me know how your bold plans are going. Connect with me here.



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