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I’m too old.

Everything always works out for [insert name]. I don’t know how she manages it.

If I could get my act together on any given day, things could change.

I’m always going to be the underdog.

Success is just not my thing. I’m never together all at the same time.

My body hates me.

I never win. It’s not in my cards.

I’m fat and I’m a loser.

She’s so lucky she can just put it all out there. I’m not good enough to do that.

Adulting is way too hard. I’ll never be good at it.

Ugh, everything is too much work for me.

I hear my clients talk about themselves like this. I hear friends and family member talk like this. I have said some of the same things.

It’s not right and not OK for us to be this hard on ourselves.

We need to be kinder in our self-talk.

We need to understand how damaging these negative and self-defeating messages can be.

We need to figure out the origin of these negative messages – and when, how, and were planted inside of us.

We need a new script, new message, new dialog, and new conversation.

But, how?

Vanessa Van Edwards provides a streamlined process to unearth how and why we say these negative things – or send these negative messages to ourselves.

Here process is effective, practical, and bold!

Check it out!
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The BOLD Dinner Party ends is on January 28. We’d love to save you a seat at our table. Let’s have fun and get clear on what it means to be ALL IN – for 2017 + you deserve it.


Yours in bold boldness,
Kanesha xo



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