Stop cancelling on yourself

Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination. — Mae Jemison


 “I became an artist, and thank God I did, because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.”  -Viola Davis  #boldthinker


March’s Bold Missive: Don’t cancel on yourself

Each week I talk with clients, parents, friends, neighbors, my family, and myself.

We all have stuff.

Deadlines are looming.

We’ve been meaning to call or get together with friends – but hey,  we will get to that at some time.

Homework is non-stop.

Health appointments are skipped if they are for us – but not skipped if they are for our kids.

Work is ongoing.

More things are being put on our schedules.

We’ve taken a break from a passion project because real life is more pressing and dreams are for weekends or squeezed in between things.

We want to take a break – but that’s not responsible, nor is it real life.

We are signing up for things we must do – but don’t necessarily want to do.

We feel joyous about accomplishments – but only spend a little of time patting ourselves on the backs – because you know, you can’t stay in that joyous space for too long.

Things are moving way too quickly and it’s impossible to slow it down – so what do we do?

Cancel on ourselves.

Canceling on ourselves is when we don’t think we have enough time, love, strength, or attention to give to ourselves.

We save our best parts, our best selves for others and for things that don’t fill us up. We put on our masks, play small, suppress our desires, and go along to get along.

We forget how much we matter – so we cancel on advocating for ourselves.

We forget our worth – so we cancel speaking up for ourselves.

We forget life is not a dress rehearsal – so we cancel pushing ourselves to go for our “it”.

We forget we are in charge of our time – so we cancel our boundaries.

So Boldthinkers, I want you to get prepared for March because  this is the month we will not cancel on ourselves.

To get started, it’s important to:

  • celebrate what’s good.
  • fall apart in the middle of things you are in charge of.
  • cancel meetings that aren’t worth your time.
  • ask for help.
  • push pause so you’re not overstretched.
  • believe in yourself and your dreams.
  • create your own magic.
  • own your boldness.
  • not cancel on yourself.

When was the last time you cancelled on yourself? How did you feel about it? What would you do differently based on a bolder mindset?
Also, keep me posted on your bold plans. Connect with me here.




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