Confession: My impatience hinders my creativity

Happy Friday, Boldthinkers!

It’s been a great week, but super busy, and this Bold lady is feeling a bit tired.

I’ve been working with the PTA at my son’s school and our annual auction is coming up. I’ve been helping with the gift baskets each classroom will provide for our silent auction.

When I initially signed on to help oversee the basket project, I thought, “How hard could this be?”

Well it was a gazillion times more challenging than I thought.

It’s not hard in a way that is debilitating or painful.

But it is hard in a way that requires more patience on my part.

And you know what, Boldthinkers?

Patience is a skill I am constantly working on because it’s not a natural trait, skill, or talent for me.

Patience is my waterloo.

The way I have taken care of myself and been able to support this project with an open heart is to focus on creativity.

Why is creativity the sanity and self-care balm for me as I manage all of this?

Creativity is a critical skill for achieving success for community initiatives. It serves as catalyst for positive communication.

Creativity allows people and groups to find sustainable solutions to ongoing challenges.

Creativity serves as a bridge to help groups and teams stay focused on the prize.

Creativity is the BFF of innovation, and each time we hold the school auction, we try to make it bigger and better.

Creativity is a great connector and allows many voices and ideas to enter the conversation. This is so important when you are building community and working to support educational organizations.

Creativity allows you to get over your impatience and gives you the bandwidth to pause, breathe, and stay the course.

As you reflect on this week and how it went for you, how did you tap into creativity?
How did creativity support you?

Also, keep me posted on your bold plans. Connect with me here.


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