Is it time to quit?

How often do you think about quitting?

When you send out five proposals and all the responses are ‘no’?

When you are trying to upgrade your diet, but you take a deep dive into the cronuts at the long PTA meeting?

When your teenager shuts you out and you start cyberstalking their Instagram?

When a longtime friend cancels on you – yet again?

When a collaborative business partner takes credit for your work?

When you are forced to participate in a group project and you end up doing all the work?

When you send out your electronic newsletter and a bunch of people unsubscribe?

When you submit your application for an internal job posting and you don’t make it to the final interview round?

When the ladies at school drop-off don’t acknowledge you and never invite you to coffee?

When someone at work talks over you – again – during a meeting?

When you keep trying to do something boldly, but you are constantly overwhelmed?

When does quitting become your only option?

Fatigue, discouragement, shame, pain, or disappointment can bring your spirits down and cause you to question yourself.

You may look around and feel like the entire universe is against you.

You may start to believe you are not deserving and things will always be overly difficult for you.

You may tell yourself that quitting is more admirable than trying again, because your perseverance tank has run try.

When I hear family member, clients, or even myself express frustration while they contemplate quitting something that’s important, aspirational, or the next step to actualizing a dream – I remind them to pause.

P – Practice a little more patience with yourself

A – Allow yourself to feel the emotions

U – Untangle yourself from expectations of perfection

S – Sleep on it

E – Examine your why, revise your plan, and start again

When was the last time you quit? What did you learn about yourself and the situation? Did you need to quit or did you need to pause?

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