It’s the weekend. Do you know how to decompress?

Long week.

Lots of meeting.

Stacks of papers and projects to grade.

Jam packed schedule each day of the week.

AP exams looming.

Overflowing email inbox.

Late evenings.

Meeting blog post deadlines.

Calls you’ve been meaning to return.

Forms to fill out.

PTA requests.

Long commute time.

Constant shuttling of kids.

Piles of laundry.

Were any of those things on your list this week?

Trying to fit everything in while taking care of yourself, being in a relationship, taking care of kids, working hard, and maintaining friendships – is a lot.

People are rushing and hustling.

Appointments are boiling over on their calendars.

Task lists continue to get longer before you can even catch your breath.

By the time the weekend shows up – we are completely whipped out.

We are exhausted.

We are tired.

But, how do you decompress when you’re wound tight, overwhelmed, and a tad bit stressed?

Put your phone away.
Giving your brain a rest is a quick way to refuel and minimize your exhaustion. Whatever is going on in cyberland can wait.

Gather with great friends.
Make easy plans with easy going friends who fill you up. Keep things simple with a potluck dinner, picnic lunch, or meet-up at the farmers’ market.

Take a nap.
Sleep is your friend. Don’t forget that.

Write a love note to yourself.
Grab your journal or a plan sheet of paper. Write down your accomplishments for the week and celebrate small and large successes. Acknowledge your awesomeness. It’s OK to love up on yourself.

Spend some time outside.

Take a walk, go on a hike, or just sit on a bench outside. The fresh air and simplicity of nature can do wonders for helping you reset your energy tank.

Read something fun.
The time is now to read the fun book you’ve been meaning to read. Taking yourself on an instant vacation with a fun book can reduce your stress and boost your mood instantly.

How do you decompress after a long and busy week?

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