A love letter to the month of May

Dearest May,

As the fifth month of this year, here are five things I wish for us as we step further into the sweetness of spring and move closer to the midpoint of the year.

Wish #1
That we use our time together, this entire month, to breathe deeper and easier.

Wish #2
That we spend more time nurturing ourselves instead of over-scheduling days – while unnecessarily spreading ourselves too thin.

Wish #3
That we pour energy and excitement into a project that fills us up – even though we know this project also requires a lot of our patience and perseverance.

Wish #4
That we nurture relationships that require extra sensitivity and may also involve some sustainable repair.

Wish #5
That our self-love habits shine brightly and keep us happy, joyous, and growing bolder on a daily basis.


Bold-thinkers around the globe

What additional wishes do you have for the month of May?

Also, keep me posted on your bold plans. Connect with me here.


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