Check yourself! 4 behaviors of Bold-thinkers

You state your desires unapologetically.
As a Bold-thinker, your desires are noisy and urgent and you listen to them. Others may not understand why you delve deep into your desires, but you are unapologetic about this. You understand your desires fuel your happiness, creativity, dreams, and boldness. You also know denying your desires puts you on the sidelines of bold-living and that is not a position you are able to play well.

You ask yourself, “Why would I wait?”
As a Bold-thinker, you are action oriented and believe in moving forward – even when you are trying to figure things out. You seek out the help and support of other Bold-thinkers who will help you build, grow, and soar. You understand waiting for the “right time” is a procrastination technique that stalls your goals and daily joy.

You don’t pretend you’re happy when you aren’t.
As a Bold-thinker, you use your emotions as guideposts to help keep yourself mindful. You are not afraid to feel your actual feelings and you do not pretend to be in a good or bad mood to make others around you feel more comfortable. You view your feelings and emotions as data that will keep you focused on your right things – instead of focusing on what outside influences dictate. You understand your happiness is an inside job.

You don’t save pleasure strictly for weekends or vacations.
As a Bold-thinker, you schedule your pleasure into your daily schedule. You understand pleasure helps you balance the hard and soft things that come with daily living. Because pleasure is a top priority, you seek out opportunities and experiences that keep you from becoming too cozy in your comfort zone.

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