Letters to Bold Mamas – #1



Dearest Bold Mama,

You are the strongest person I know.

Even when you’re tired, worn, weary, or just over it – you show up. You dig deep to be there and love on your people. Your people are your children, partner/spouse, extended family, community, and the everyday person you encounter on the street.

Your strength is the elixir of a goddess who is in it to win it. Your strength provides a roadmap and blueprint to bold living. Bold living is the fuel that helps you whisper internally, “I can!” instead of whispering, “I can’t!”

Thinking about your life through the lens of a love warrior keeps you focused on your right things. Even when a fellow woman, neighbor, co-worker, mother, etc. looks shinier and more magical – you see their shine and their light as a beacon for you to lean heavier on your strength.

You recognize that consistently investing in your wholeness allows you to live out in the open, make mistakes, use that data learn the needed lesson, and then move on in a confident and bold manner. You know you don’t have to have it all together at all times because your strength reminds you perfection is not the goal.

Your happiness and joy are direct results of you believing in yourself and honoring your unique gifts. Feelings of pride and encouragement freely flow through your veins and keep you moving forward instead of getting stuck or bogged down by limiting beliefs.

Your positivity and bold outlook on what it means to be you are a direct result of your open mindset. You feel worthy which inspires everyone around you. You know your strengths contribute to your beauty, magic, and awesomeness. You are amazing and you stand firmly in your determination to nurture yourself and those around you.

You are strong. You are marvelous. You are loved. You are bold.




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