Remember when you were a badass? (Or did you forget?)



Remember that time when:

You were upset that summer arrived you weren’t ready for swimsuit season?

Your best friend was kicking ass and taking names and you felt left behind?

You wanted your husband’s attention and he was working so hard for the family, so you let it go and didn’t say anything?

Your kids seemed a bit out of control and you felt like a bad mother?

You just grinned and beared it when your parents belittled your adult choices because they did not bother to upgrade their relationship with you?

You were working so hard on your business that you lost yourself?

You kept waiting to be the right weight to live your life?

You stayed put at your stable job that was killing you because you were a responsible adult, and that’s what responsible adults do?

You pretended you were happy to save face – when you were actually miserable and falling apart?

You decided staying stuck was better than choosing to the work on yourself – to get closer to freedom?

You openly expressed your joy and were unapologetic about it?

Remembering…what does that do for us and how does it serve us?

Does it keep us in the past looking back at the good ‘ole days? Does it fill us up or deplete us?

How does remembering support us and move us forward?

How does remembering get us back in the game when we’d prefer to sit on the sideline?

How does remembering put us in the position to grow, reflect, thrive, and live more boldly?

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t know all the benefits and pitfalls of remembering because it all depends.

It depends on our mindsets, environment, mood, and stages of what’s going on with us.

When I talk to my clients about remembering, I encourage them to look to the lessons and glimpses of clarity that let you know you are worthy, deserve more, and are capable.

If you are in the space of remembering – remind yourself to:

Focus on your strengths and draw from the moments when you completely surprised yourself.

Look at mistakes as the lesson plans for a life that is lived fully – instead of being lived in the shadows.

Record your successes and celebrate them – even when others don’t see or acknowledge them.

Be and stay bold because believing in yourself, owning your power, living fully, and deciding your desires deserve attention are critical ways to maintain a bold mindset.

What is on your mind these days? What are you remembering?

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