5 things every BOLD person should tend to this summer



Summer is here and it is delicious. People are planning vacations, on vacation, and diving deep into their staycations.

Books that were collecting dust are now being cracked open.

Visits to farmers markets for leisurely strolls and juicy samples of ripe fruits and vegetables are being scheduled on calendars.

Impromptu gathers with tasty nibbles, libations, and laughter are filling the nightly summer air.

It’s a fabulous time to live boldly.

You don’t need to worry about your summer being perfect, but you can focus on the bold bits by:

Loving your body

Your body is summer ready. Yes, you want to keep it healthy and work it out so you can get your 10,000 steps (or more) in on the daily. Awesome! And with that, there is no need to berate, bash, or be angry with your body. If it needs a bit more love, tending, and care – get going. Schedule the appointments, go to the appointments on time, and keep lovin’ on you.


Lean into spontaneity

Plans are great and being a planner is amazing.  This summer is calling for a bit of whimsy and unplanned moments. Leave some openings in your daily bold living for a spontaneous rendezvous. Shake things up and have fun going for it. Show up at an outdoor concert, find and outdoor movie, try out a new restaurant, and just allow yourself a bit of wiggle room. Spontaneity is great for creativity and stress reduction. Control is not always the goal.


Confess your dreams

Your dreams matter. They fill in the cracks of adulting that can leave you bored, depleted, and in the dumps. Shout your dreams from the mountain tops. Ok, that’s a bit much. How about tell your bold squad your dreams? Update your vision board so your dreams can stay alive and have a stage to vibrate and keep you pumped up. Take a chance – or take a class that will move you closer to your dreams. Summer says your time is now. Answer that call.


Get your play on

Playtime is everyday time. Believe that! Work, child rearing, caregiving, errand running – and other work related items are always going to be here. Yes and yay! But you can always add a bit of play to it. How? Get creative. Hold a meeting with your team and provide Play Doh for everyone to play with. As you work with your babysitting coop, borrow or rent a bubble machine so you all can chase the magical floating thingies – that never seem to get old. Grab an exciting, scandalous, riveting, or life altering book on audio and listen to it while you clean closets or declutter your living/work space. The point is – there is always room and space to play. Don’t forget it.


Track your daily boldness

I want to win, you want to win, and bold people are winners! And you know what? We should track it. Grab your journal or your mobile device and get to tracking. Write down your daily accomplishments and wins. Add stickers, hand scrawled stars, and glitter. Add as many exclamations marks as you want. The point is, make a daily “yearbook” of your bold awesomeness. Indulgent?  Yes! And bold people indulge in practical things that make them feel good, happy, creative, and bold! Today, dust off those journals that are fancy, pretty, and seem too magnificent to use. Get going on your tracking.


What excites you about the summer? What are your bold plans?


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