9 ways to soar this September


Welcome to September, Boldthinkers!

I love that we are so close to autumn.

It’s my favorite season and I find that the spirit of abundance motivates me to finish the calendar year strong.

It also sets my outlook for the upcoming calendar year – and I start to think about the theme word that will carry me forward.

Right now, I’m considering the following words for 2018: Amplify, Build, Expand, Freedom, or Take-flight

So many great possibilities.

But for this month, I want to you to think about the next 4 months as your path to discovery.

Discovery about your:

  • accomplishments
  • desires
  • setbacks
  • trust in yourself

A lot has been going on in the world and it takes a huge amount of energy, empathy, and patience to face it on the daily.

Trust me, I have some hard days that make me want to stay in bed all day and pull the cover over my head. Sometimes I allow for that, but I also know that my boldness is often fueled by my ability to show up and engage.

As we fall into September, let’s all commit to soaring in a way that will keep us focused on our rights things, moving in a direction that keeps us healthy, and enjoying parts of the uncertainty that is ours to mold and master through our own timing.

I invite you to try some, or all, of these ways to soar during September.

Volunteer with an organization that supports your core values.

Each week of this month, give away 2-to-5 things from your home.

Each Friday, write down your accomplishments for the week.

Schedule time to call at least 3 friends, on the phone, this month.

Take a class or attend a workshop that is focused on creativity.

Try 2 new recipes that are mainly plant based.

Unplug at least 2 hours before you go to bed each night of this month.

Schedule a day for you to do nothing.

Forgive yourself.

What would you add to this list? What other bold things do you have planned for September?




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One Response to 9 ways to soar this September

  1. Margie Suozzo says:

    Kanesha, I love all of the things on this list, especially taking time for creativity and trying two new plant based recipes. Of the latter, I found a great one: cauliflower and chicken pea Masada that is to die for! But I would also add “breathe,” be conscious and grateful for your breath for a few moments of each day.

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