6 Instagram accounts that spark creativity

“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people” – Leo Burnett

One of the things I love the most about working with clients and workshop participants is having them lean on their creativity.

For some people, creativity is like air. You’re in a creative mode all the time and you don’t realize you are tapping into it because it’s just there and all around you.

For others, creativity seems like something that is rare and intangible. Creativity doesn’t occur to them or tap them on the shoulder as they’re are trying to move in a new or different direction.

But, for all of us, creativity is truly a constant. It is plentiful and abundant if we allow it to flow.

When someone questions whether they are creative or not, I tell them to ask themselves these  questions:

When you think about your life, what color(s) would you use to describe it?

Do you believe or think you are creative?

Do you mostly consume things (situations, time, space, moments, etc.) or create them?

How often do you spend time doing what you love?

How connected is your daily life to your top 3 core values?

Do you surround yourself with the right creative tools?

If those questions seem too hard, then I encourage them to seek out creativity and draw inspiration from what’s around them.

To spark my creativity, I’ve been enjoying the Instagram accounts below.

They help me reflect on my daily joy, keep me focused on doing my best by my own standards, and they remind me to take breaks to enjoy the here and now.


When @nytimes captures your most-used emoji face 🤔

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The time for hesitation is over. #thegirlfriendmanifesto

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How do you nourish your creativity? Do you need to spend more time thinking about this?

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