Putting yourself out there – 4 things to remember



When was the last time you put yourself out there?

Was it when:

  • you sent in your resume for a new job?
  • you submitted your art proposal for an upcoming exhibit?
  • you told a trusted person you were putting yourself in rehab?
  • you went to a networking mixer by yourself?
  • you signed up for a workshop?
  • you broke up with a toxic friend?
  • you committed to giving a speech to a large group of people?
  • you confessed to yourself that you are falling apart and need help?

Putting yourself out there can be scary, challenging, hard, freeing, and exhilarating.

It may be tempting to stay put, stay safe, and stay tucked away because we don’t want people coming for us or judging us.

We don’t want to hear condescending remarks, unsolicited feedback, and “I told you so”.

On the flipside, it may also be a false or limiting message that’s keeping us on the sidelines of leveling up, going forward, or putting ourselves on a path of growth.

Whatever you’re thinking about when it comes to putting yourself out there, make sure you focus on:

Enjoying the ride. It can be smooth, bumpy, curvy, and completely not what you plan. That’s OK. There are lessons along the way, so keep it moving as you put yourself out there. Stay open to the lessons and discoveries. Allow yourself to be in the moment.

Who shows up for you. Many times putting yourself out there is a lonely task. You may not have supporters readily cheering you on which may cause you to questions the “why” of putting yourself out there. But, you can create the support you need by asking for it. Reach out to people you know who have your back or who have been in a similar situation at you. It’s OK to share your story so the supportive connections can be established.

Knowing your time is now. The time we have is right now. Waiting for things to be settled, in perfect condition, or completely stable is a symptom of productive procrastination. When you put yourself out there, you have to be willing to build while you learn and grow. You also have to focus on doing your best – instead of doing things perfectly. Get in your game and get going. Your time is now.

Reviewing your past accomplishments. When you put yourself out there, you can be starting from scratch or from a platform you’ve created for yourself. In either case, you do have previous accomplishments to reflect on and use as a supportive cushion to build up your confidence. Make a list of your accomplishments that serve as a reminder that you’ve got this.

What’s next for you? How will you put yourself out there? What are you waiting for?

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