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Kanesha can totally change your life – the way you work, interact with friends and professionals, and views of your contributions to our world.   This is one of wisest and positive souls that has ever entered and transformed my “being”!  Donna Begley, PhD

Be ready to be entertained with plenty of interaction.  You will not only learn new things about yourself but you will have fun doing so.  Kanesha is an outstanding motivator who is knowledgeable, yet approachable. –Eileen Do

Kanesha can help you find balance in your personal and professional life, make a plan to reach goals that you may have been putting off or that you didn’t really consider possible.  You will find that you can set all of your thoughts, desires and interests free to explore who you want to be and where you want to go.  She’ll give you tools to plan out how to reach your goals, keep your focus and keep your vision!!       –Julie Desai, DVM

Kanesha is a well-established life coach who knows what’s she’s doing. She will help you in such a fun way you’ll be so surprised it’s that easy to make changes and learn new ways of thinking.  –Alice Cox

Kanesha is always able to get to the heart of the matter and to include others in positive ways to problem solve. –Workshop participant

Through gentle humor and keen insight, Kanesha is able to help others to be self-reflective and ultimately improve their situation. –Workshop participant

Hi Kanesha,
Thank you so very much for your input this morning. You have given me some valuable information and poignant points to consider in my evaluation of not only the school programs but the path to my final career placement. –S.M.

I just had the chance to take a look at this email and I am thrilled to know that you are doing such a great job and I know this is what we call in Japanese (tenshoku) for you.  We say there is a job that defines you, which we call tekisyoku (meaning which suites you), and there is a job that you define tennshoku (literally meaning God’s given work, meaning which only you could do.) I know how wonderful you are.  It’s a blessing to have you and you doing this job.  I keep you in mind and when I come across with someone who may need your service, I will give them your contact. – Y.A., Japan 

I have worked with Kanesha for the past 8 years and every time we interacted, I went away feeling listened to and secure in the knowledge that this amazing woman of action was looking at creative ways to solve our dilemma. –Mary J., Educational Leader

Kanesha has that rare ability to see the big picture, peel away the layers in an honest and supportive way, and get to the “heart of the matter”.  She is my favorite reality check! – Penny, Director

I am 60 years old and have never known nor worked with an individual who can accomplish as much with such PANACHE’ so quickly and adeptly!  You are an incredible human – and I feel incredibly lucky to have you in my life, Kanesha – HONESTLY I do.  There really are NO words to describe how clear and efficient Kanesha’s communication is nor the depth of her understanding of ANY and all situations!” –D.M.B., “I don’t want to be a monster-in-law” Client

Kanesha has a wealth of knowledge that she readily shares.  She thinks outside of the box and is ready to help you discover solutions to any challenge. – Megan, Attorney and Charter School Board Member

If you are looking to transform your life in new and creative ways, Kanesha is the woman for you.  She exemplifies integrity, zest for life and insightfulness.  Her gentle yet direct coaching will help you articulate your goals and enable you to take action whether you are just starting your career or are looking to reinvent yourself. –Nancy, Family Advocate

I wanted to thank you so much for your help the other day! I feel lucky that I was able to speak to a parent and an education expert at the same time. I appreciate the information that you provided and your words of wisdom regarding both the open enrollment process and school years in general. I particularly love the idea of ‘homework time’ for the whole family! –L.H. / one-on-one parenting coaching call

Wow – I really needed this today. You must have known :). Been burning the candle at both ends for weeks now and really could use some self-care. –S.B. / [In response to a Bold Living Today eLetter]

Thank you again for facilitating the group last night. It was wonderful, and has left me with a lot to reflect upon. I really appreciate the gifts as well. The prosperity candle is intriguing…can’t wait to try that. You are an amazingly skilled, grounded, centered person and a true inspiration. What a way to begin my weekend. Hope to connect with you again soon, –J.B. / In response to a Girls’ Night In event

“Kanesha Lee Baynard is one the most compassionate, experientially rich and multifaceted life coaches I know. Her awe-inspiring range takes you from exceptional fact-finding and organizational abilities, to the most exquisite intuition, deepest sense of commitment, and her uncanny gift to balance it all with clear, undeniable, meridian, path-guiding objectivity. Hiring Kanesha, more than a luxury, or even a necessity, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make your best-ever possible self-care investment.” Pedro F. Báez, LVN, CLC, CHC
Transformational Life Coach, Los Angeles, California