I’m thrilled you are interested in finding a coach!


Life coaching, what is that?


Life coaching, both personal and professional, is designed to provide you with the tools to discover what you want and how to achieve it. The answers you are seeking are within you. I will guide you, through a powerful inquiry process, in accessing these inner answers.


Is life coaching the same as therapy?


Life coaching and therapy are different.


A life coach is like a personal trainer who helps people optimize their fitness goals.


A therapist is like a physician who helps unwell people get better.


As a life coach, I help psychologically healthy people thrive and move toward their goals and next steps. I help my clients clear the clutter so they can get on with things.


Where do you coach your clients?


I can coach clients from anywhere.  Most of the coaching I do is via phone.


How long does the coaching process last?


This depends on you. The average client commits to 4-8 sessions over two to three months.


Coaching is not only work, but fun.  You are given the tools to dream again, journey within, design your life and follow your heart’s desire!


Once you’ve reached your goal and you have the tools to continue on the path of personal growth you may want to decrease sessions. This is your life so you tell me when we are done!


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