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Kanesha Baynard standing outside ABC Studio to appear on the Dr. Oz show


Hi, I'm Kanesha

As a creativity coach and skilled workshop facilitator, I’m here to help you expand your boldness in all areas of your daily life.

My focus is helping teens, parents, caregivers, and women navigate transitions without neglecting their mental wellness.

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Weekly Shine

Weekly Shine

For a lot of us, we get busy doing things and trying to manage a whole lot.And because of so many distractions, stressors, and things vying for our attention, self-love habits tend to get neglected and fall off our radar.


Life Skills Toolkit: Scholarships 101

Life Skills Toolkit: Scholarships 101

WHEN: Thursday, January 23, 2020, 4:30 PM
WHERE: Mitchell Park Library

Along with the excitement and anticipation of applying and getting accepted into the college of your choice - comes the question of “How easy will it be to pay for my education?”

Kanesha Baynard, author, educator, and productivity strategist will show participants 10 key strategies for securing funding through applying for scholarships. Participants will receive a copy of Kanesha’s strategy sheet and will have access to a downloadable scholarship planning toolkit.

This is the first session in our Life Skills Toolkit series, 4th Thursdays at 4:30pm.

SXSW EDU - Mentor

SXSW EDU - Mentor

WHEN: Monday, March 9, 2020, 8:00 AM
WHERE: Austin, Texas

The mentor program at SXSW EDU facilitates purpose-driven, one-on-one connections between experienced professionals and solution-seeking attendees.

Bakersfield Women's Business Conference

Bakersfield Women's Business Conference

WHEN: Thursday, April 23, 2020, 9:00 AM
WHERE: Rabobank Theater & Marriott, Bakersfield, CA

The goals of the Bakersfield Women’s Business Conference remain the same today as when the conference began 29 years ago: to provide information, skills development , and encouragement for women at a crossroads; seeking higher education; first time employment; making a career change or looking to advance their careers. Over the years, however, the conference has evolved according to attendees’ needs.