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What Is Your Word for 2019? Mine Is…

What Is Your Word for 2019? Mine Is…

Happy Friday, Bold-thinkers!

How has this week gone for you?

I’m wrapping up my vacation time and enjoying having both my kids home.

We’ve been watching movies, building forts, taking slow walks, and exploring our arsenal of craft materials.

Welcoming 2019 has felt relaxed, restorative, open, and calm.

Calm was my word for 2018 – and I dedicated a lot of focused attention to my calm.

I have taken the last three days to review my vision board, journal entries, top blog posts, and testimonial/feedback email messages from 2018.

Themes that seemed to come up the most in reviewing these materials were:


The thing I love most about this list of themes for 2018 is they all fall under the umbrella of being B.O.L.D.

(B) Breathing and moving forward even you are unsure or when you’re not feeling your best.

(O) Opening your perspective and allowing a hard or easy transformation transpire.

(L) Listening to your life and giving yourself the space to be a beginner again.

(D) Deciding to take a leap or risk that will help you shine and expand your creativity.

What is my word for 2019?


For my personal life – I have a list of new skills I want to develop. I have been researching some fun classes to try out and experience alone, with my husband, and with close friends. I have a list of books to buy or check out at the library – which will help boost my skill development. I want to continue to boost my overall wellness and boost my confidence in participating in yoga and barre classes.

For my professional life – I want to boost my curricular reach for parents and teens. I’m working on licensing some materials and developing some training programs. I want to boost my office and work efficiency. I have mapped out my quarterly plan for 2019 and I made a detailed list of the type of help I will have to secure in order to make that happen. This last part boosted my “Oh sh*t, this is big!” panic button – and I allowed all the thoughts to swirl as I captured them in my journal. All the calm work in 2018 paid off.

Do you select a theme world for your calendar year?

Have you selected one for 2019?

Here’s a fun list for you to explore.

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.