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Focusing on Our Teens - Is It Time We All Had a Break?

Focusing on Our Teens - Is It Time We All Had a Break?

Hey Bold-Thinkers!

Is it safe to assume that you all heard about the cheating scandal that involved some Hollywood folks and other wealthy families?

Yes, a complete mess.

I have had friends, colleagues, and some clients reach out to me to find out what I thought about all of it.

I wasn't surprised by any of it.

It made me very disappointed to think about frantic parents, stressed-out students, bullied teachers, and kids who feel like they can never measure up - when they are trying to work hard for college without gaming the system.

I wasn't thrilled to think about elite families hoarding opportunities - while sending a message that they can have and take whatever they want.

Many [non-cheating] teens and families are put into this pressure cooker of producing and performing - at all costs - and they are stressed and exhausted.

They may not have full (or any) access to the tutors, college counselors, travel experiences, or test prep courses - which may produce feelings of inadequacy or not doing enough to ensure their children's success.

And then a national story like this exposes families who are using money and side-doors to bypass what other families are working extremely hard to do.

It does not feel good.

It does not look good.

And a lot of people are angry.

My response in many of the discussions I had about "operation varsity blues" was - focus on the teens you support.

Turn off the news, stop following the hashtags, log-off social media, and squash all discussions about this cheating scandal.

Get back to the purposeful business of taking care of yourself so you can model wellness for the teens around you.

With spring break approaching, this will be a great time to refuel and recalibrate.

Here are some ways you can help teens manage stress before, during, and after spring break:

  • Create a “relaxation list” with your teen
  • Engage in a relaxation activity, from the list, with your teen – each weekday
  • Help your teen establish a journaling habit – to support their inner wellness
  • Create a family “success marker” list with your teen
  • Each month – review the success markers as a family and align them with personal and academic accomplishments
  • Use aromatherapy to create a calm home environment
  • Spend as much time as possible being an active listener for your teen
  • Establish a daily check-in communication method
  • Model the benefits of unplugging for your teen

(This is a texting system I use with my children. They can send a heart text {or multiple hearts} to tell me how they are feeling at the end of each day.)

How do you cope with stress?
How do you support stress management for your teen(s)?
What would you add to this list?

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.