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Back-To-School -- What is it WORTH?

Back-To-School -- What is it WORTH?

How is your family feeling about going back to school?

This is an exciting time of year, but it’s also highly stressful.

Schools are not always a great fit for all types of children and families.

Some parents have painful memories of their own challenges with particular teachers or school settings.

 I still remember being 6 years old and my first grade teacher called me a liar when she gave me a book and I told her I had read that book already. She said there was no way I already knew how to read!

When I'm working families (especially families with teens and college-age kids) and school is about to start - we discuss the P.O.W.E.R. pillars from my Individual Connectedness program.

The W stands for WORTH.

Helping parents understand their worth and how to model behaviors connected to this is a powerful way to support teens in navigating challenging situations while keeping their emotions intact.

Understanding your worth also helps you advocate for yourself when you are challenged by school officials. 

They don’t always have the best or right answers for everything.

How do you talk about POWER with yourself and teen you support? 

How do you model behaviors that are connected with your worth?

Here are some tips and tools from my Individual Connectedness program.

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