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Brainstorming your way to success

Brainstorming your way to success

What 3 things are better in your business/life now — than they were 2 months ago?

That’s the reflective question for week #34 in my planning guide and journal for creative entrepreneurs.

I know a lot of passionate, creative, and hardworking entrepreneurs focus on results and they forget to take a wholistic lens to understand their process.

When I’m facilitating a brainstorming session with a client, I always encourage them to complete a weekly scan so they can focus on their success AND the process to getting to this success.

This reflective practice helps to boost confidence, cut away inefficiencies, shutdown procrastination, and minimize burnout.

Grab a copy of the Weekly Scan worksheet to help you with your success mapping.

It’s a great tool for entrepreneurs, back-to-school prep, and living boldly!


Order your copy of the book today.

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