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Observing parents and their teens

Observing parents and their teens

Happy Monday, Bold-Thinkers!

I hope you are feeling happy, whole, and creative.

I wanted to (re)introduce myself to folks who are new to the Bold Living Today community.

I'm Kanesha and I'm a creativity expert, author, productivity guru, and all around fun maker.

As an educator, workshop facilitator, creativity coach, and author - I help people disrupt unfulfilling patterns.

Who are my main clients?

• Teens
• Parents
• Women who own small businesses
• Caregivers
• Women navigating life transitions (family, career, relocating, self-awareness/discovery, etc.)

All my talks, workshops, individual coaching sessions, and books revolve around using creativity to solve problems, amplify self-compassion, and increase daily boldness.

We are all bold in our own way - and in our own time.

I love September because autumn is on the way, school is back in session, and I get to support families and educators in an impactful way.

A few weeks ago, I led my "Hack Your Planner" workshop - which is focused on organization and time management.

3 observations I made while working with a full room of teens and their parents (76 participants) were:

1. More families need to set aside time in their schedules for creative projects and playtime

2. Parents don't often get to witness their teens engaging in project management and creative explorations because a lot of that happens at school

3. Washi tape is appealing and fascinating to a variety of ages - and maybe I need to buy stock in it

What questions do you have about my work and the Bold Living Today community?

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Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.