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Pushing P.A.U.S.E.

Pushing P.A.U.S.E.

Hey Boldthinkers!

How are you taking care of yourselves and refueling, today?

I spent most of the morning in bed, sipping coffee, journaling, reading magazines, and catching up on shows via Hulu.

On Friday I was one of four presenters for the Women's Network Alliance's 12th Annual Fall Mixer and Small Business Summit.

It was a great day of learning, connecting, and boosting my reach in helping women amplify their boldness.

Remember - "boost" is the word I selected for 2019.

I left the event full of ideas to grow, strategies to implement, and potential clients/collaborators I want to follow up with.

I woke up this morning ready to jump into all of that - but I remembered what I tell my clients after they have a great win and a steady flow of robust work.


It's so easy to want to take a new deep dive into your "what's next" after you've felt great success in something you've just completed.

Our society encourages this type of "go go go" behavior.

After doing a great job, expending a lot of energy, and putting yourself out there - you need leave time to refuel and regenerate.

I had to remind myself of this.

The "E" in P.A.U.S.E. stands for ENGAGING in activities or behaviors that energize you, boost your creativity, and allow you to slow down.

This can be challenging when you want to keep the momentum going - but you also have to remember the importance of taking time to refuel - so you don't quickly get on the path to burnout.

I'll be outlining all the P.A.U.S.E. steps on the blog, this week.

How do you pause and take time to celebrate your accomplishments?

What activities do you engage in so you can refuel?

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.