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Coping tools - in nature

Coping tools - in nature

How do you feel about autumn and the rustling leaves?

In working with teens at the end of September (when we worked on visual sanctuaries) - I talked about the growth, abundance, and the cycle of rebirth that autumn offers.

It's a big transition season - especially for high school seniors who are in the process of considering their post-secondary options and/or applying for college.

There are a lot of obligations at home - and in school.

And on top of that - the college application process.

As we talked about pairing journaling with the visual sanctuaries - as a coping tool for stress - I encouraged the teens to add "time in nature" to their mindfulness list.
  • Sitting outside and doing nothing.
  • Taking a short walk and looking at the changing colors of the season.
  • Raking leaves and jumping in the pile - like they did when they were younger and more carefree.
  • Taking the laptop outside - and filling out their applications and/or doing homework while feeling a soft breeze of encouragement.
  • Creating a nature based collage to gaze at - when things get hectic and going outside seems like an extra thing to do.

If you have teens in your life - who are feeling overburdened right now - help them connect with nature so they can expand their coping skills toolkit.

You can find more resources through my Individual Connectedness materials.

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Kanesha Baynard

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