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3 types of journal styles to try

3 types of journal styles to try

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Gratitude Journal: Keep a list or collect entries about things that make you feel grateful. Maybe it's something you see on your way to work - or a kind exchange you experience while out and about in your community. Your gratitude journal is the best space to boost your energy and daily joy because you are focused on good things. Get the family involved and create a family gratitude journal for the current season. Pre-readers can also participate by adding drawings, hand prints, stickers, or any other medium of artistic expression.

Hygge Creativity Journal: Allow this type of journal to be a playful and peaceful place where you focus the coziness of the season. Fill it with lists, drawings, poems, recipes - and anything that helps you enjoy your time in your home. Spend time writing in it while sitting by the fireplace or while listing to a nurturing playlist. Create your own meditations and words of comfort.

Bullet Journal: With a lot of social engagements coming uo - or if you are wrapping up big projects or plans because the calendar year is coming to - selecting bullet journal format may be what you need. Bullet journals help you keep track of a variety of tasks based on themes and categories. Bullet journals can help you see how you're using your time and productivity. They can be very simple are artistically stunning. There is a lot of variety when it comes to bullet journaling and you can't do it wrong.

What type of journaling are you currently doing?

How's it going?

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