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3 ways to boost self-love and minimize discomfort

3 ways to boost self-love and minimize discomfort

Don't you love it when you get some unstructured time?

I was able to have more journaling time, this morning, because my son's schedule is different due to PT Conferences.

Today's topic: boosting self-love habits when discomfort sets in

In working with teens and their families, this is the time of year when a lot of discomfort starts to swirl.

• It's darker and colder.
• The amount of deadlines, obligations, performances, due dates, and projects increases.
• People are tired and over it - but vacation is still so far away.
• And if you're a 12th grader applying for post-secondary options - overwhelm is looming because the demands keep increasing.

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That's a lot to navigate and manage.

My top suggestions for boosting self-love - so discomfort doesn't takeover are:

1. Talk about the discomfort. Don't hold it all in and try to be overly brave or strong. It's OK to struggle and don't forget - everyone struggles. It's natural and human.

2. Resist self-rejection. Focus on what you can do - and don't mentally dwell on how you are not "keeping up" with those around you.

3. Ask for help. Reach out to adults and support experts (teachers, counselors, coaches, etc.) to help. Even if you are unclear on what help you need - ask anyway.

How do you boost your self-love when discomfort tries to takeover?


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