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Choose your PRODUCTIVITY adventure for this week

Choose your PRODUCTIVITY adventure for this week

What type of week awaits you?

What thoughts are swirling as you think about the week ahead?

Which of these options best describe how you will welcome and approach this week?
(This is a self-assessment, so be completely compassionate, open, and honest with yourself.)

A. Overdoing
Before the week even starts, you’re already feeling mentally exhausted. You have too much going on and it feels never ending. Your “to do” list is not decreasing and you wonder if you will ever get any relief. You have “stacks” piling up everywhere (e.g. [dis]organized pile of papers, voicemail inbox is full, email inbox is overflowing, etc.). Your wellness goals keep getting cancelled and you don’t want it to be (or feel) this way. You are overbooked and feeling overwhelmed because you constantly feel there is never enough time.

B. Making consistent progress
Monday’s arrival is not causing any tension or stress. You’ve spent some time analyzing your productivity style, so you have clear strategies for approaching your week. You understand the busy season is here and you have made necessary adjustments so you can continue to properly take care of yourself and your obligations. You have created a “to do” that is manageable and not scary. You have created customized categories so you can prioritize where to focus your time and energy.

C. Struggling to get going
Thinking about the week ahead makes you want to pull the covers over your head – and you don’t want to even get going. Procrastination has taken up residence and has dismantled your motivation. You feel like you are so far behind that it’s not even worth it to try (or keep trying). You know you have people and resources to help you – but you’re not sure how to reach out. You think – at your age (level of experience, time in your life, role, job position, etc.) – you should know better. You don’t know how you let yourself get in this non-productive situation.

D. Other
Based on how you are feeling about this coming week – you can take some easy and small steps to help support, motivate, and nurture you.

Grab your phone or tablet – and set some recurring alarms (Monday – Friday) for this week.


You may want to consider auditing your calendar.

Time check guides for this week

8am: Write/read an affirming quote or a positive message you’ve written to yourself.

12pm: Nourish yourself with a healthy meal/snack. If you have time – take a short walk or do some stretches (at your desk).

3pm: Write down (or audio record) 3-to-5 successes you’ve had for the day…so far.

9pm: Write down (or audio record) any thoughts that have been swirling all day. Prioritize 3-to-5 things you plan to do the next day. Be sure to include something that supports your wellness.


8am: Pause and check for “distraction pitfalls” (e.g. multiple tabs open on your computer, checking social media when you should be working,
having too many notifications enabled, etc.). Make sure are mono-tasking as much as possible.

12pm: Enjoy a networking lunch with a person (people) who are your “aspirational” support/resource list.

3pm: Review the notes or suggestions from your mentor/coach. Record the progress on the goals you’ve set.

9pm: Organize your stuff (e.g. lunch, backpack, materials, task list, etc.) for the next day.


8am: Write an intention for the day.

12pm: Have lunch or a walk and talk with someone who motivates and inspires you.

3pm: Rewrite/re-structure your “to do” list for the upcoming day.

9pm: Write down any “time sucks” you need to avoid for the upcoming day.


D. Create your own

Have you created a similar time check guide system for yourself?

If so, what types of alarms do you set?

How does this support, motivate, and nurture you?


Here some tools that can help:

Thrive 75

Self-Love Playbook for #boldthinkers

Self-Rejection Detox Workshop

30 Days of Hygge Creativity Journal

Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.