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What do you care about right now?

What do you care about right now?

What do you care about right now?

What is occupying the most space in your thoughts?

What is taking up prime mental space?

Is it worth it?

I received a lot of feedback about the holiday manifesto (page 6) and how setting the tone, on your own terms, for the holiday season is a simple, but brilliant, game changer.

Adult-life has so many twists and curves and many of us tackle all of it in a reactionary mode.

We want to be on top of things and be in control.

We feel responsible for getting it right every single time because we should know better.

We don't spend enough time observing and anticipating.

In those moments we didn’t know better and we made choices that didn't serve us well - we don't practice self-compassion with ourselves for being human, vulnerable, scared, or whatever emotions come up.

We fall into a self-rejection head space - which derails us from being (or becoming) future ready.

And the holidays.

That can bring needed relief or a vortex of crazy.

I’ve had my share of both of these options – and I definitely prefer the former.

When my oldest was about three-years-old, I had to revamp my entire holiday mindset.

I let go of trying to please others more than I was pleasing myself.

I said NO to things that felt like a chore and robbed me of my energy.

I decluttered my expectations of doing holiday things for the sake of doing them.

I refocused on the joy, ease, creativity, and connections that had me looking forward to this time of year – instead of dreading it.

It took a bit of rewiring – but it was worth it.

This shift helped me nourish myself from a mental space that continuously reminded me that I always had a choice.

What do you care about right now?

How are you nurturing yourself?

What types of activities help you refuel?

What adjustments do you need/want to make?


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Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.