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3 ways to nurture your productivity mindest

3 ways to nurture your productivity mindest

As you head back to school, work, and your regular life activities what do you find most pressing?

Are any of these things on your mind?

2019 is almost over.

Your type A-ness is about to kick into overdrive.

You enjoyed family time – yet you feel exhausted mentally.

One additional vacation day would be a great treat.

Your teachers (professors) are going to try to squeeze the last bit of excellence out of you.

You have to wrap up some 2019 projects while trying to get a firm handle on quarter one of 2020.

This is about to be the busiest Monday of my life.

Whatever you are thinking about as Monday approaches, here are 3 ways to declutter your thinking and make space for a productive mindset – as you enter the week.

Release your worries

Make a list of all the worries you are anticipating for the upcoming week. Then categorize the list by colors. (Use different colored highlighters or pens.) This will help you quickly analyze if you are creating additional work or stress for yourself. Plus, seeing the worries written out will help you slow down your thinking and boost your mindfulness. Suggestions for the categories: urgent today, urgent this week, urgent this month, outsource/delegate, delete.'

Set “productivity” alarms

Instead of going back to your daily/weekly routine at full speed, set some productivity alarms that will help you pace yourself. I’m a big fan of setting a timer for 45 minutes and then focusing on one thing without any distractions. Schedule time to check your email messages, meditate, have a nourishment break, and to ask for help. Make sure these productivity alarms are written on your calendar or scheduled as alarms on your mobile device. These productivity alarms will help you mono-task and not expend all your energy for the entire week – in one day.

Unplug as much as possible

Make sure your brain has a chance to get back into the groove of your work and school week. Do your best to use mobile devices and computers only when necessary. Also take a break, as much as possible, from social media. As the week progresses, add more screen time to support your reentry.


What are you looking forward to as you begin the week?

What’s nagging at you or making you feel stressed?

How do you plan to declutter your thinking for this week?


Additional resources to help

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Kanesha Baynard

Kanesha is the founder of the Bold Living Today community focused on helping members disrupt unfulfilling patterns through creativity and navigate transition with confidence and boldness.