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B.O.L.D. Plans for 2020

B.O.L.D. Plans for 2020

Are you thinking ahead to 2020?

If so, use these B.O.L.D. prompts as a guide.

B: Break-up with any bad habits that are keeping you stressed, unhappy, and small. Leave those bad habits in 2019. List 1-to-3 bad habits that won’t follow you into 2020.

O: Own the hard lessons from 2019. Use this data to help you connect with your needs and desires. List 1-to-3 important lessons from 2019. What clarity do these lessons provide for 2020?

L: Listen to those internal whispers that keep showing up - and that encourage you to go for it. Your time is now. List 1-to-3 desires you have for 2020. What tools or resources will you need access to in order to make these desires a reality?

D: Dedicate some uninterruptible time to investing in yourself. Be indulgent about growing bolder, happier, and joyful. List any distractions or procrastination triggers that get in the way of your productivity.

Need additional support?

Join me for one of my vision board events in 2020.

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