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4 ways to carve out time for your goals

4 ways to carve out time for your goals

How do you carve out time to work on your goals?

Today, during my Explosion Box + Vision Board workshop, we explored our creativity while streamlining our individual priorities for 2020.

[Thank you to Kirsten Rowe, at Craftiful Make & Take Studio, for having me as a guest instructor.]

It was exciting to have the freedom to customize our vision board boxes - while having focused attention to the ideas, goals, dreams, and desires for the year ahead.

The question that comes up at every vision board event I have facilitated is:

I'm already so busy and stretched. How will I have time to work on these goals?

It's important that we approach the blank canvas of the new year with self-compassion, bold pep talks, and careful pacing.

Here are some initial and realistic ways to carve out time in your busy schedule to focus on what’s important to you:

1. Make your calendar work for you

Each day, take one thing off your schedule that does not affect your health, paycheck, or an important relationship.

Cut out one 30-minute television show per day.

Use that 30-minute time slot to work on your goal.

2. Go to bed 10-to-15 minutes earlier each night.

Wake up the next day 10-to-15 minutes earlier and use that time to work on your goal or project.

Do not use the snooze button.

This is a great time to journal, listen to a podcast, do some focused research, or read a chapter in a book that is aligned with your goals.

3. Ask for help and guidance.

How do you know what type of help you need?

Look at somebody who is doing what you want to be doing.

Reach out to them and ask what initial five steps they took to get to that level?

Then schedule time and assemble your support team to move in that direction.

4. Get comfortable with saying NO.

When you say NO to something that is not serving you – something that is clogging up the time and energy you could be working on your goal – you are saying YES to yourself.

Get comfortable with saying NO – and stop yourself from feeling the need to overexplain yourself.

How do you align your goal planning with your vision board?

What additional help or resources do you want or need?


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