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Are you grinding or hustling too hard?

Are you grinding or hustling too hard?


Happy National Napping Day!

How are you using relaxation and reflection to support yourself this month?

It's easy to get swept up in all we have to do.

Even when I'm attending a major conference, I have learned to schedule time to rest and reflect.

In the past, I have treated conference attendance as an endurance test.

Then I would be exhausted for days after the event.

When you know better - you do better.

Learning to relax has the following amazing benefits.

  • You free up excess tension in your muscles that can be used in sports, martial arts or everyday life.
  • You have more energy as your muscles aren’t constantly fighting each other 24 hours a day.
  • You become more flexible as you aren’t fighting against your tensions with every move you make.
  • Your balance and body control improve dramatically.
  • Your health improves as you aren’t tying up resources in holding onto so much tension.
  • You become more sensitive to yourself, the people around you and your environment

How do you plan to relax today?

I there a nap on your schedule?

source: Jade Dragon Kung Fu

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